Found 2 "suppressed" items.

What does that mean and how can I access them to show as FOR SALE?

Tried to mark them FOR SALE in batch editing and they didn’t change from suppressed. ???

Appreciate your suggestions. Never ran into this before…

asked 24 days ago

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Littleblackdog April 18, 2021

Found them in Batch Edit. Opened a catagory with 4 items, Batch Edit showed the 4 and 2 more that were “suppressed” for category? I was able to move one to a different category and deleted the other one, so all’s good. Thanks for your suggestions.

2 Answers

Do you mean suppressed from google

If so..they are still for sale, they are just not going to google shopping (still in google organic)

Go to
Batch Edit
Search Optimize
Select the suppressed items

Suppress Google Shopping submission: Enable Disable

Click on Disable

Apply changes

This will take your items off of google suppression

Also might want to check the attributes or reasons they may have been suppressed.

I have a few that I suppressed because they keep coming back as a google prohibited content, even though it is a toy and there are like hundreds in google shopping, including the ones listed on my webstore

I got tired of trying to figure out what was wrong with the listing, so I just make sure it gets posted to social media a lot


If you mean under review they should be up in a day or two..if not send a message to bonz about them

answered 24 days ago

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Littleblackdog April 17, 2021

It doesn’t specify… just says “suppressed”. If it is relative to Google, I wish it’d say so. I have a lot of items that aren’t on Google because of one reason or another, but nothing else I’ve seen that says, “suppressed”. I will try your suggestion. Thank you!

ccmom April 17, 2021

where does it say suppressed…batch edit, or on the Add/edit page, or on the ad troubleshooter page???

tomwayne1 April 17, 2021

There is a FILTER in Batch Edit Items that lets you search for your suppressed items.

ccmom April 17, 2021

The reason why I asked about “where” she was seeing the word suppressed, because it appears in different places for different reasons. And at least on my computer the suppressed in batch edit did not work (at least for google shopping suppressed items

The items are suppressed because they violate specific rules. In my case, I had many DVD movies suppressed by Bonanza because the description mentioned either “Emmy award winning” or “Oscar award winner”, etc…

This is not because of Bonanza, but the items were suppressed because of those specific industry academies regulating the use of their intellectual property (IP). Apparently, those TV and movie academies that hand out awards don’t like you using their IP.

Once I removed the “offending” language in the listings (for example, “Emmy award winner Bob Smith” became “Award winner Bob Smith”), I asked Bonanza to review my changes and the suppressed listings were able to be marked “For Sale”.

This will NOT happen automatically. Ask Bonanza Support to review your suppressed listings and they will allow you to resist them.

There may be other IP rights that are enforced that may trigger suppression.

answered 24 days ago

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ccmom April 17, 2021

I forgot about that reason…

ccmom April 17, 2021

got one right now that is “Restricted” though it shows in google shopping from my webstore…can’t figure how I can get it fixed here

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