Drop shipping?

Has anyone used drop shipping in your shop? And if so was it successful?

asked over 7 years ago

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Yes, I dropship. I’m not nearly as successful as some, mainly for lack of time and money to put into it…do everything myself (besides the shipping/warehousing). Plus, I don’t sell the hot items like music or clothes. (Like what’s his name, A2Z or something?…he or she seems to do well, as do many others.)

With dropshipping, you will be dealing with competition since many others use the same dropshipper. To make yourself stand out, you’ll want to change the product description (enhance it with keywords, remove all caps, etc.) and ABOVE ALL ELSE—make sure you remove items when they are no longer in stock [or maybe the best practice lately is to set quantity to zero if the item will be back in stock and put the eta time in the listing—not sure, but have read it’s a thing lately, haven’t researched that thoroughly yet so I just put those items on reserve].

It took me a bit of trial and error to find a good dropshipper that allows me to have constant access to inventory, and who provide quick shipping and has a great return policy—plus they have nice products.

If you find a dropshipper that doesn’t have reliable access to inventory counts, I’d search elsewhere (you may already know all that, but just thought I’d throw that in there).

The thing with being successful on Bonanza is having your listings compliant with Google search requirements, since that’s where most traffic comes from and Bonz doesn’t advertise much.

Hope that helps.

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there are many drop shippers here…whether they will post, don’t know…but some do quite well

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pamamp March 11, 2015


Hi pamamp

I use drop shipping for some of the items I sell.

I recommend this link to get [URL removed]

[URL removed]

Currently the software works with eBay and Amazon may be soon we will have also the option to post directly to bonanza.

Hope it helps

answered over 7 years ago

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varietyforyou_56 March 04, 2021

Hi Sanchez, meaning of dropshipping some of the items you sell, is it some of it is dropshipping, another some of it is your own items? Because I want to do both too, dropship and my own items, but what about the shipping address. I see that we only can register 1 shipping address in Bonanza.

All I have is say is Sku Grid It’s some extremely advanced AI type software but once you get the hang of it you can do everything flawlessly with dropshipping ;)

answered over 2 years ago

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