“join our site-wide sale”!!

Hello Bonanza Community!

Are You Ready?

Judy, our triage manager for the support team, recently posted a blog all about BonanzaHolidays2020. “Join our Site-wide Sale”!!

To say the least, it has been a year, and more than ever we need each other and the power each of us brings to the table.

For the month of December we are hosting a community-wide DIY sale.
During this time you will create a coupon in your booth using the same code (BonanzaHolidays2020).
The Community Sale starts on December 3rd and ends December 10th, 2020.

Each seller will set their own discount for the code. Although your coupon code will share the same name as other sellers, the discount you create will be unique to your booth.

Everyone can join in!!

The sale is aimed at shoppers looking for last-minute deals in early
December when shipping is still a safe bet to arrive by December 24.

To create this custom coupon, hover over the “Selling” link located in the upper-left corner of any page and click the “Booth settings” link from the drop-down menu, then click the “Discounts & Coupons” tab. Enter your coupon code and discount amount in the coupon creation box.

Spread the word! Post it on your social media account, seller forums, and in emails. Use ‘BonanzaHolidays2020’ as your coupon code.

We’ll do our part too. Bonanza will share the coupon code “BonanzaHolidays2020” on Instagram and Facebook. We’ll send email notifications to buyers. Here is a link to our Facebook page the post was made on 12/2/20 https://www.facebook.com/BonanzaMarket/

For full details be sure to check Judy’s blog, Here is a link https://www.bonanza.com/blog/main/Join_our_Site_wide_Sale

Let’s rally the troops and share, share, share!

Thank you and Happy Selling!
Kind Regards

Wanda T.
Happiness Producer
Bonanza Support Team

asked 4 months ago

4 Answers

Hi – I just set up the BonanzaHolidays2020 code on my booth for 10% off all my items at bonanza.com/booths/heyviv . This is a great idea and I am glad Bonanza will be publicizing the sale.

Please consider posting links to the social media where it will be posted so we can like and share.

Thanks – Viv at Hey Viv! Retro Clothing

answered 4 months ago

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bonanzawanda (Bonanza Staff) December 03, 2020

hank you for your response. Here is a link to our Fasebook page https://www.facebook.com/BonanzaMarket/

I have started a thread under promotions if anyone would like to add their booth and sale specifics.

answered 4 months ago


heyviv December 03, 2020

Hi – would love to comment on it – how do I find it? Thanks – Viv at Hey Viv! Retro

tammiestreasures December 03, 2020

It’s under promotions and is titled Site Wide Sale. Just list your booth and discount. The more the merrier.

I’ve already set up my Bonanza Holiday 2020 discount as I saw the blog this morning.

answered 4 months ago

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bonanzawanda (Bonanza Staff) December 03, 2020

Yay! Awesome!

Done and waiting for buyers to flock in…

answered 4 months ago

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bonanzawanda (Bonanza Staff) December 03, 2020

Great, Tom! We sure do appreciate you and all that you do! Happy Selling!!

tomwayne1 December 03, 2020


musicguy December 03, 2020

Hey, my “happy face” emoji turned into ????

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