Why was my booth item pulled out for review?

1 of my listings is no longer in my booth because I changed it from 10 to 12 Fat Quarters &/Or Large Brand New old stock of Quilt Cotton Fabrics…it is GONE out of my booth as ‘’ Bonz staff ’’ pulled it out of my Booth & it is ‘’Under Review’’ by staff – even though it was up & running as a sale for days now. I am sad & upset about this because my Twitter Tweets have been mostly about this One Listing and I had over 200 views on it???? Bonanza staff please AOK this soon & put it back in my booth! If it needed correcting it should have been put under review when I 1st listed it,days ago – but maybe I am misinformed? Anyone else have this happen to an item up for days then pulled?

asked about 2 months ago


pendragons_books April 05, 2020

I have this problem on some of my books. I think it is due to some updated automation rules. Taking them a little longer these days but they should review and put back soon.

autoparts4urcaroem April 06, 2020

My listings are under review also? I just sell used car parts,nothing to review.

abigdogmom April 06, 2020

I had it happen to an item that had been up for weeks. Then they deleted it without giving me any warning. Hacked me off and I am still low level mad. I sold it on another site for the same price with no fees or shipping. So it all ended well for me. I doubt I will ever feel the same about Bonanza.

abigdogmom April 06, 2020

The reason I say I may never feel the same is because it appears if you sync with eBay, the same rules do not apply. The very same item was and is still for sale on this site through eBay sellers.

divinefabricsnmore April 06, 2020

Thanks Bond staff or Bond employee for putting items back up & running into my Booth!

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Have listings that have been here for a long time..however, lately when I update like shipping or do a bit of a re-write now…they go into review….more often…becoming a bit of a pain. They are usually live within 24-48 hrs though…

I even had an item pulled because it was rejected by google yet both google and bonanza have several listed (by the way it was just an action figure toy). It was not rejected by google on my website.

answered about 2 months ago

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divinefabricsnmore April 06, 2020

I hand over 250 views on this 1 listing plus it is for Huge Savings for those sewing peeps making face masks to donate Re: CoronaVirus. To say I am upset is an understatement ~ oh well we will see…

divinefabricsnmore April 06, 2020

Thanks to whomever in Bonanza – Put my items back in my booth!!!

I think this all goes back to automation rules they implemented to make things better. I think it has contributed to their slow response more than the virus. Here is what I was told as to why one of my listings was pulled. “Suppressing these items automatically saves our sellers the time, energy and frustration it takes to manually remove these items from their booths, and also prevents the listings from being re-imported at a later date.” The last part really frustrates me…prevents re-importing. Until I open a case and wait. I requested a Feature Request to give more detail when importing so atleast I would have a idea or list to provide them to check.

answered about 2 months ago

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divinefabricsnmore April 06, 2020

I hand over 250 views on this 1 listing plus it is for Huge Savings for those sewing peeps making masks Re: CoronaVirus. To say I am upset is an understatement ~ oh well we will see…

I get this as well, I sell toys and related items so I am always shocked when it happens and I just snicker about it and move on. Just did one last night, the item had been listed for years, literally…..I updated the blurb and BAM, under review. All part of their system. Usually they check them fairly quick (Except on weekends). Usually within 24 hours.

answered about 2 months ago

Not an answer but a ‘’Thanks Bonanza!’’ for quickly putting items back in my booth!

answered about 2 months ago

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answered about 2 months ago

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