Why mandatory paypal?

I, like many if you look online, have a real problem with Paypal. They are not a trustworthy organization and there are numerous unmentioned reasons why Ebay is basically dropping it as its primary method for payment. Have you seen the list of reasons that allows Paypal to freeze your account? It’s a mile long and it’s amazing anyone is still there. Worst of all, if they freeze your account, they freeze any money in your Paypal account and keep it for up to a year without paying interest, and no matter how much it is you cannot touch it. There’s good reason that Paypal was in a class action lawsuit against them which they managed to get out of on a technicality. Consequently their list of rules now say class action suits are not allowed. I don’t know how they were when owned by Ebay but on their own they are unscrupulous. You can Google anything I’m saying here and you’ll see hundreds of people with frozen funds for the dumbest reasons if they tell you at all, and even though they say you can appeal on their website it does no good. They make a fortune being able to use these frozen funds how they want interest free. I think the choice should be ours. I haven’t finished setting up my booth yet, still studying all there is about Bonanza, and this requirement really bothers me.

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kattinsanity December 14, 2019

I’ve been selling on ebay & accepting pay pal for 20 years & never had a problem. I don’t like it that ebay is cutting them as a payment option.

ccmom December 14, 2019

never had an issue with paypal….outside of ebay…but then I dropped ebay in 2009…I have paypal here and on my own personal site and have never had a problem

tomwayne1 December 14, 2019

What the two above me said…

abigdogmom December 14, 2019

I have never had a problem with PayPal. Now eBay on the other hand is a different situation. I have tried to close my account with eBay for 5 years and can’t because they say they owe me 1 measly penny. Figure that one out.

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15 years accepting PayPal payments on various websites with over 15,000 transactions. I have NEVER, EVER had a problem with money being held. Of course, if you’re a brand new seller (with no PP history) and you sell something for a large amount of $$ or have lots of transactions quickly, PP wants to make sure that you’re not a scammer. i would imagine that they also have high-risk categories that they are wary about. I can tell you that as a buyer who pays for a lot with PP, I appreciate that they do due diligence.

PP has protected me (as a seller) many times over the years. But, I’ve been around the block with them and I don’t have expensive, high-risk items.

As far as PP fees go, they are in line with pretty much every payment processor out there.

answered about 1 month ago

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bonz has tried other checkout options

There was google checkout…they discontinued
There was Checkout by Amazon (Different from Amazon Payments) they discontinued that option, but changed us to Amazon Pay…I use it but hate that they hold funds for 10-12 days

and they are now working on having Stripe which is a membership option now, but will become available to all…

answered about 1 month ago

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No problems with PayPal on my end. One time they held my money on a purchase a buyer did but they had a right to as I had made an error in the description of the listing.

I have heard of a few horror stories of money being refunded to buyers when buying Coach bags, etc, where the buyer claimed they were fakes but the seller said they were authentic. The problem is that how does PayPal really know either way…seems almost like it would be a toss up other than looking at how long and how many transactions have been done by the seller as well as the buyer. …or like red flags that go both ways…a buyer putting in too many false claims and a seller that has had too many refund requests.

I choose to not sell expensive items for the most part. The few times I have, I get anxious about it, so just not worth it to me personally.

answered 8 days ago

I’m happy for you that you haven’t. I’m a 100% seller on Ebay also and one of the many that have.

answered about 1 month ago

Paypal freezes accounts of people that are doing MLM, Ponzi schemes,and any other scheme they can think of that involves getting your money and you get nothing in return.

answered about 1 month ago

I don’t like or trust Paypal either, but it’s what they use on Bonanza. It’s the only place I use it. I refuse to use it to pay for anything, anywhere, and don’t use it anywhere I have a choice.

So far, I’ve never had money held, and no major problems. I do get PO’d when they refund a buyer who is obviously lying, and PP even acknowledges it.

answered about 1 month ago

I agree. I do not like the idea of using Paypal. I have had friends get their money froze. Ruined the reputation of a good man because they froze the account. They will also refund the buyer when they have proof that the buyer is frauding. I have seen it.

answered about 1 month ago

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Had a problem about 15 years ago with Paypal because I had a few disputed transactions from a stolen credit card, so they held up my payouts for a while until I provided proof of delivery. I went all anti-paypal for a couple years and switched to Google Checkout and it almost killed my sales so I started using my PP account again and had No problems since then with Paypal.

answered about 1 month ago

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