Why are my pictures blurry and pixelated?

I have uploaded pictures from my computer and my phone and each time the pictures come back blurry. Some of them come back highly pixelated

asked 28 days ago

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Your pics look fine to me. Desktop with 22" monitor – no cell phone.

answered 27 days ago


I use desktop only…but your photos look fine on the computer monitor…don’t know about mobile because I can’t see the small screens…

answered 28 days ago

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EmpressDepot November 17, 2019

Mobile looks fine also.


I too use a desktop and have a 19 inch CRT type monitor and pics look fine.
My first thought was (before I looked) that if you have small (thumbnail size) pics that are Low-resolution and blow it up to a 19 inch screen that they would be pixelated expanding them that big.

Not sure if there is an opposite effect with too high a resolution pic squished down into a phone size screen. Maybe this is the case.
I am in the minority using a desktop as most everybody does stuff on their phone now (I don’t even own a cell) so I never saw what any of MY listings look like on a phone.
Maybe that is MY reason for no sales here lately, they don’t look right on a phone screen (although I move it to the dark side (auction site) and much of it sells there. (I would rather sell here though.)

Best of luck with your sales here.

answered 28 days ago

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EmpressDepot November 17, 2019

I’m using a mobile but really miss my desktop.


Mobile looks fine.

answered 26 days ago

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