Why bonanza does not reply back to my message?

I purchased three items from Bonanza. The seller sent me two tracking numbers and couple days later, both say items delivered. I did not see the items so I checked my surveillance camera and did not see any UPS dropping off anything. I contacted UPS and provided them with the tracking numbers, UPS checked their system and informed me both tracking numbers were INVALID. UPS told me to file a complaint with the seller which using Bonanza for selling their products. The seller is no where to be found. I asked Bonanza to assist on this issue, but Bonanza did not reply back to my multiple emails that I sent. Any advice?

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ccmom July 07, 2020

check spam folder for any bonanza responses

kattinsanity July 15, 2020

If both tracking #‘s show items were delivered how can they be invalid tracking #’s? If they were invalid UPS wouldn’t have any info for the #’s~~let alone showing they were delivered.

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Go to PayPal (assuming used PP or credit card company) and file Item Not Received

Provide information given to you by UPS that tracking was invalid.

What you can do:


Bonanza will contact a seller on be-half of the buyer when your efforts fail

Bonanza will remove seller from site if finds seller is not trustworthy (the seller appears to no longer have items listed and does have several FB stating that items never received

Bonanza will inform you to file a complaint with the payment processor (PayPal, stripe or you credit card company) since bonanza does not hold or have access to the money collected by the seller…

answered 28 days ago

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