Where is the shipping exemption for those that use postage stamps?

We were told in a shipping blog post & its comments on 10/25/23 that we will still be able to use stamps without a $2 deposit/fee. So far from what we see in the community posts & other comments since this new shipping policy has been forced on sellers, that is not the case and we cannot figure out what the deal is?

We had to put our booth on vacation until this is figured out & fixed other wise we will have to keep our booth on permanent lockdown.
This mandatory policy was not well thought out or planned well at all.

asked 3 months ago

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DianaZurcher December 10, 2023

What about local pick up? I live in a city w/3500 people and don’t charge for shipping.

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We asked the same thing and got no answer from Bonanza their more or less telling us they will charge us with the fine for using stamps Im sure the post office would like to hear this.they dont seem to understand small items do not need online shipping labels or online postage. and the mail man will pick it up at your house. ONE MUSIC CD DOES NOT NEED WHAT YOUR FORCING US TO USE BONANZA.

answered 3 months ago


ThePlantAttraction December 10, 2023

Yeah, we immediately put our booth on vacation until this is straightened out or else we cannot sell here which is a shame because we put a lot of work into manually transferring our listings over here.

CAMEOMUSIC2 December 10, 2023

We did the same as you

CAMEOMUSIC2 December 10, 2023

they dont seem to understand small items do not need on line postage.

DianaZurcher December 10, 2023

Not everything needs to ship as a parcel.

SOOoo I got a response from Bonanza (Judy) but I’m unable to post a screen shot here.
“Regular stamp postage was at first going to be exempt however that ended up not being the case. The labels do offer first class letter for 3 ounces and less. The option does not include tracking however you can print the label out for First class letter. So it is the same thing as the postage stamp”

answered 2 months ago


ThePlantAttraction December 11, 2023

Apparently Bonanza thinks that a $1.06 non-machinable letter stamp is the same thing as $4.13 postage for a parcel package. Makes no sense what so ever and we will not be reopening our booth until they reconsider.

CAMEOMUSIC2 December 28, 2023

That wont work for music cd sales cant mail them like a letter.

I,too, have put both my booths on vacation. For most of my items in my art booth I can mail with a regular stamp (for prints) and use a second ounce stamp for the ACEOs. Not that I have sold much on Bonanza! lol

answered 2 months ago

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CAMEOMUSIC2 December 28, 2023

Been here from the start of Bonanza but forcing us to use something we dont need will be the end for us here.

That’s a pretty bold move considering this site doesn’t get many sales. Way to kill your business and make sellers leave.

answered about 2 months ago

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CAMEOMUSIC2 January 10, 2024

we just added 2.00 to all our cds and movies I will not use thier shipping when I have ten rolls of stamps

On the positive side, this 2.00 surcharge fee has made us look at our Bonanza store closer since we don’t make many sells here as it is. We are now starting to raise all our prices to where they should be. Then we are adding the 2.00 surcharge fee and the Google advertising fee. Just very disappointed in this 2.00 Surcharge fee that we are forced to pass on to our customers :(

answered about 1 month ago

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CAMEOMUSIC2 January 24, 2024

Yeah Bonanza shot them self in there own foot with this 2.00 surcharge fee

I put my advertising percentage to generic 3.5% – they want to take 2 bucks and force me into buying labels here then that is the way I go!

answered 28 days ago

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CAMEOMUSIC2 February 01, 2024

we did that also that for be a loss for Bonanza.

I put my booth on vacation, too, while I add a fee to all my shipping. Don’t know if any customers will pay these overblown shipping fees or if I’ll ever get another sale. Let’s face it, if Bonanza’s shipping was really cheaper, we’d be falling all over ourselves to use it. I’d even use it if it was just equal to what I pay elsewhere. The fact that they have to blackmail us into using it just proves it’s not worth it.

answered 6 days ago

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