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We build and sell an item that has a Trademark Logo. When we first got the logo registered I took the time to do watermarks of it across our pictures. When I started listing on Bonanza it requires no watermarks so used pictures without. Just recently we found our item pirated from eBay which had the watermarks so now have complaint in with Amazon of infringement. I am wanting to use the photos that have the watermarks to protect our Intellectual Property. Is there a reason why “Google” does not allow watermarks? I have added the logo into the picture but if someone wanted to cut it out/off it would be easy whereas the watermarks would be harder.

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Atomicdiner December 10, 2020

One does not question Google Reasoning. It is ALL KNOWING and NEVER makes mistakes, EVER.

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Here is Google Shopping’s official reasoning:

“Since clear images of a product help to inform online shoppers, all items on Shopping ads and free listings require an image with an unobstructed view of the product that does not contain additional promotional elements. Items that don’t meet this requirement will remain disapproved until you have updated their images. "

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Although an official recommendation is not to use “additional promotional elements”, they don’t stop to present watermarked pictures from Google Shopping – You can check it by searching directly some listings with watermarked photos.

I don’t have data to support, what % of such pictures are approved or disapproved from GS based on this particular factor.

There are other more important reasons (than additional promotion) to add a watermark – I do it for the same purpose You’ve mentioned.

Out of courtesy, I will not add some example with my items, which are in GS (in my case, they mostly appear via eCrater), but here is an random search result for the first watermarked photo in “Women’s Fashion > Accessories” B. category (this particular seller has all photos watermarked and a logo card added to the main picture):


answered 3 months ago

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