Very expensive sale, usps signature confirmation shows the buyer got it but he says he did not?

In 19 years and tens of thousands of packages, I have never encountered this.
He contacted me for 3 days before buying about shipping discounts because he was ordering so many items. I setup a special discount just for him to use. It was almost $500 so I sent with a signature required in person and insured it for $500. I usually ship like this over $100 anyways and have never had a problem.
He told me he needed to know the exact day it would be delivered so he could come home. I shipped it on a Monday and told him to expect it Wednesday. He wasn’t there. I emailed him Thursday (Thanksgiving) and told him they would probably try to re-deliver, but he could sign the orange card they left to hold it at the post office for him to pickup.
Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday the next week it sat at the post office.
Wednesday it was delivered. He contacted me saying he doesn’t know how because it is nowhere to be found and there is no notice left. The signature is mostly illegible which is normal with digital signatures, but the carrier hand wrote the delivery address and typed his name as the recipient.
He found time to go to the post office Thursday, 8 days after the first delivery attempt, and ask about it. He says they are no help. He is now insisting that I go ahead and file the claim because he wants his money back, but I told him the parcel insurance requires me to wait 30 days.
So, my question…
Has anyone ever dealt with something where the buyer signed for it but says they didn’t? I am nervous about the whole situation with this buyer because he has switched back and forth on stories about all the “work” he did to track it down. I know I will win any chargeback or claim he files with no problem, but I am worried now that he is trying to scam the postal service out of $500.

asked about 2 months ago


Glodeo December 08, 2019

The pkg was sent through USPS? Sounds like everything is good on your end and maybe he needs to make a police report for stolen goods. There is not much you can do if the carriersaid it was delivered and the tracking number says delivered. I had a pkg get lost once and I did the claim and asked for

Glodeo December 08, 2019

a return call from the buyers post office and they did and they all started looking and finally found it and sent it on but the card is proof it was delivered and signed for. You should be off the hook!

misskeech December 08, 2019

All you need to tell him is that you cannot file a claim on something that was delivered and signed for. Sounds like a scam to me, as long as it was signed for and tracking shows delivered, you should be good.

tomwayne1 December 08, 2019

What the people above me said.

Extra_Mile_4_You December 08, 2019

I Agree, Sounds Like a Scam to Me Also, Your Covered, That’s the Important Part. I Try to Insure Anything Over $100 on eBay as Well.

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Thanks everyone, I had a feeling I was in the clear. He is really going directly after ONLY the money and not even trying to find out where the package was delivered.

answered about 1 month ago

First off, it does sound like a scam if it came down the way you explained it. The fact that he did not take action to pick it up while it was at the PO (where he would need to show ID) and the fact that he seemed to be a flake by wanting to know the EXACT day it would be delivered. You as a seller have absolutely no control of delivery unless you are doing the delivery personally. Weather and holidays and volume this time of year even throws the PO off on actual delivery of items.

As others said, I sounds like you are in the clear….. BUT…… and this is why they now miss MY obscure way of looking at problems at work (as I always had a different way than most of the herd)…. There could be a different explanation and that is THEFT by the PO CARRIER. Since the carrier sees it is insured (and I am sure they know how to find out the amount), the carrier COULD be tempted, since the buyer was not exactly too quick to pick it up, to scribble a illegible signature and take it for themselves. They are human after all and it is Xmas time.

If the person still persists about the missing items, definitely report it back to his PO and usually they can flag his address to see if it is an ongoing issue or an internal issue with a specific carrier. Mail theft is a federal offense after all so hopefully they would not treat it lightly.

Best of luck aid if allowed here, perhaps you can list off the City and State Zip of this buyer just in case Others here get a similar big order to be aware that it could be a problem buyer. People like this can sure ruin a sellers day.

answered about 1 month ago

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RatherbShopping December 10, 2019

Very helpful!

Hello gravityvideo

Welcome to the Bonanza Community!!

We are sorry to hear about the experience you have had with this buyer.

If you should need additional support please email our award-winning support team and they will be glad to assist you further.

Thank you and Happy Selling!

Kind Regards
Bonanza Support

answered about 1 month ago

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Have you called his PO and asked them to check the GPS on the delivery location? If the carrier says he delivered it to the right address, that doesn’t mean he did. Parcels get misdelivered all the time, and perhaps the carrier misread the address, the wrong person signed, etc.

If it is a scam, perhaps the buyer arranged someone else to collect and sign for it, so he could say it wasn’t him, but it could also have been the wrong person at the wrong house.

His behaviour is curious though. I would tell him to file a police report for theft and to claim the loss on his home insurance. Postal insurance shouldn’t pay out, because it says delivered.

If you have 3rd party insurance and they DO pay out, then that’s really fraud. You could also file the lost or stolen mail report with USPS. They will follow up on it, require him to sign an affidavit, etc., which some fraudsters are reluctant to do.

But, I would contact the PO myself about the GPS scan, as he could tell you anything he wants about what they said. Do this soon because the carrier will go to collect the parcel if it was delivered to a wrong address.

answered about 1 month ago

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