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MagnoliaScreens February 18, 2020

What do YOU think? Lol

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Personally, I don’t like the way that eCOMMERCEBYTES measures profitability in their poll. Profitability can be measured in two distinct ways that are pertinent:

1. Overall profit because the seller makes a lot of sales — However, many eBay sellers forget to account for the store fee each month (if they have an eBay store) and the relisting fees for your items (each month) if it doesn’t sell fast. Don’t forget to subtract those fees from your eBay “profit”.

2. Profit you make on the item AFTER it sells — Since Bonanza has NO listing fees and a membership is not absolutely necessary, and the booth is FREE (unlike an eBay store), it is much more profitable for each item when you sell that item on Bonanza. At 9% advertising rate, the sales commissions are very reasonable. Ebay may have a few categories with lower commission rates but overall, Bonanza beats them on that. At 3% advertising rate, there aren’t any reputable sales sites that can beat Bonanza’s profitability per item.

Perhaps you make more money OVERALL on eBay, but you have the potential to make more money PER SALE on Bonanza.

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BookbinEtc February 19, 2020

I agree, and really, it’s all about which box someone ticks. If a bunch of people ONLY sell on the bay, and make money, they’ll tick that. It doesn’t make it MORE profitable than another site.

ccmom February 20, 2020

Totally agree…I may not sell as much as I could on ebay, but on a per item basis make way more money w/ a lot less stress and headache.

The results are always interesting. I was pleased to see Bonanza up there in those 3 categories, and I do think it is deserved.

I would certainly like to see it bump up in profitability! I know people complain about Bonz trying to make all their $$ by selling services to sellers, and while that may be the case, other sites have the same complaints. I see it on Etsy ALL.ThE.Time.

I was surprised Etsy was so far down. I don’t know if is really deserved, or if general disgruntlement over changes prompted a knee-jerk reaction.

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gearseller2 February 18, 2020

I cannot believe that eBay remains at the top in any category. I can’t remember the last time I saw anything positive written about them by users. Life is strange!!

Eliray February 19, 2020

I left Etsy last year. And I know several sellers that had done the same.

Fathertime February 19, 2020

I put a few Vintage ephemera items on Etsy to try something new, A waste of time, There vintage search is horrible

I used to have some respect for eCommerce site but I think this survey was hacked.
Anybody that would list Ebay on top now, with all the stuff they have done to their seller community over the years, the last being Forced Managed Payments and the rest, I would seriously question. That goes for Bonanza ranking too.

While I like Bonanza, sales here are dismal and not the picture eCommerce paints it to be.

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Congratulations Bonanza, While not perfect, With things to improve on, The trend is going in the right direction. As with other types of retail it is what you are selling, The selection available, At what price and the service offered. And how much work you want to put into selling. I am a happy “Old TIMER” on Bonanza

answered about 1 month ago

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