Thanks. i understand you . but i have a slightly different question - is there a status on the banana - the best seller ? or not ? top rated seller ? and how do i become one ?

Thanks. I understand you . But I have a slightly different question – is there a status on the Banana – the best seller ? Or not ? TOP RATED SELLER ? And how do I become one ?

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top rated seller badges are a fairly recent addition that mostly came with the influx of ebay sellers..and came with their accounts…


Those of us that were here from the beginning (2008-2009) or joined prior to the addition of the Top Rated Seller Button and depending on our FB/sales were also given the badge..

Here is the information on the link provided about

Top Rated Sellers are recognized as sellers who consistently earn high ratings from buyers thanks to fast shipping and excellent service. To be considered a Top Rated Seller on Bonanza, you must meet certain requirements and performance standards. Top Rated Seller status will be reviewed on a daily basis. Sellers who meet the criteria will have a gold badge visible on their banner, as well as on their booth homepage and item listing pages, helping sellers to achieve more sales by instilling confidence in buyers. You can read more about how to achieve Top Rated Seller status below:

Top Rated Seller Requirements*

Maintain an average of 4.9 star feedback or higher. Don’t break the rules!
Active member on Bonanza for at least 90 days
25+ transactions with US buyers within 1 year
Refund rate lower than 20%
Compliant with all Bonanza policies
At least 90% of transactions marked as shipped**

*Any eBay sellers with Top Rated Sellers status also meet the criteria for Top Rated Seller status on Bonanza and will have their status imported along with their eBay feedback. After 15 transactions on Bonanza, sellers must comply with the Top Rated Seller requirements outlined above to maintain this status on Bonanza.

**Refunded/canceled transactions excluded from this rule.

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EmpressDepot May 21, 2019

I am glad they added refunded/canceled transaction excluded from this rule as there are definitely scenarios where the buyer is at benefit from this and will walk away happier.


I think the status on a banana is to not slip on the banana. Just throwing a little humor out there.

answered 29 days ago


The best seller – not.

TOP RATED SELLER? – this already has been answered. Have You opened B. link I’ve provided You here: ?

answered 30 days ago


A large Poison Pill here is the
25+ transactions with US buyers within 1 year.

I have been here since Bonanza was Bonanzle and NEVER managed to hit that mark.
(Lucky if I get 6 sales a year now since I don’t pay to play).

Best of Luck on hitting your top rated mark.

answered 30 days ago

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