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I was having really decent sales in June. Then Bonanza charged my credit card $100 for selling fees that I’d already paid. I filed a complaint, they said too bad they weren’t reversing the charge since they’d already ran it through & then my sales & views came to a complete halt.
I know summer is slow season & I know this is a slow site but I don’t believe that was a coincidence :(

asked 28 days ago


abigdogmom September 20, 2019

It would appear to me that you should have a credit balance for the fees of $100 since you had already paid. If I were you, I would ask Bonanza Support to check that out. If so, and you paid with Paypal, I think they would refund the overpayment.

Atomicdiner September 21, 2019

$100 for selling fees.. WOW. Were you advertising at the 30 pct mark or did you buy a Turbo pack to up your sales and that expired? Either that or you are on ‘Double Secret Probation’ for complaining. I truly believe they can turn something on and off at times as sales should be SO MUCH BETTER

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Hi @CanadianGraphiti,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the confusion. Once your final value fee balance reaches $100, we will automatically charge the card on file. You have the option to manually pay your fees via PayPal before you hit the $100 threshold. If you do not pay down your balance, your card will automatically be charged once the $100 threshold is met. Learn more about paying your final value fees for sales made on Bonanza here:

Bonanza is unable to offer refunds on final value fees unless the buyer has been refunded for the order. If you have issued a refund to the buyer, you can submit a fee refund request from your billing statement and we will gladly refund the seller fees for those transactions.

Sorry to hear that sales have not met your expectations. We have a variety of tools and resources that can help increase sales. We recommend reviewing our Seller Success Articles:

For personalized information on how to boost your sales, check out your seller checklist:

Hope that information helps. Let us know at if you need additional assistance!

answered 27 days ago


I have found my greatest successes, over the years, by contacting my credit card company – or my bank, if it seemed to be an error on their part. They take these things very seriously and they don’t say things like “so sad – too bad.” Whether or not your sales coming to a total melt down is connected, I really can’t even hazard a guess. Good luck; sorry you have to do all the work yourself.

answered 28 days ago


The staff at Bonanza is usually very cooperative & professional, I cant see them using language such as “too bad”. But as csshort said, all you need to do is contact your credit card company and inform them.

answered 27 days ago


I cant see them using language such as “too bad”

@SparklesJewelry… you are 100% correct in your assessment.

answered 26 days ago

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SparklesJewelry September 21, 2019

Thank you Tomwayne. They have always been more than helpful to me.

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