Is it normal to go weeks without any response from support?
They usually are good about answering my questions or fixing my problems.

asked about 1 month ago

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bonanzawanda (Bonanza Staff) February 21, 2020

Our sincere apologies for the delay. Our team has been reviewing your ticket and will be in contact with you shortly. Kind Regards, Wanda Bonanza Support

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well, I usually receive a response within no more than 24 hours, however I can imagine there are cases when the issue may require them to investigate the matter or review your Booth.

Currently it has been over two days since I submitted my last support ticket and I haven’t received a response yet either.

If you explained what do you need help with, maybe someone would be able to advise.


answered about 1 month ago

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pendragons_books February 21, 2020

I see Bonanzawanda says they are reviewing my ticket so they will give a reply soon. It was just 2 prohibitted listings for 2 books I have had listed forever. I see no reason on the extensive prohbitted page that would cause them to fall out.

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