Someone from Canada, Australia or the United Kingdom, please?


I set up a listing to ship to Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Can one of you from your country as above take a look at the listing in my booth and tell me what happens? I set the listing to calculated shipping and set the service as first class international package service.

Please go to my booth and place Bucilla Stamped Monogram into my search box to find the listing I set international up for.

Also, if you could read what I wrote for international shipping in my description, tell me if the info would satisfy you as a buyer and if there is anything you think I may be missing based on sellers’ listings you have purchased from before. This would be very helpful to me.

Thanks from Sharon!

asked about 2 months ago

2 Answers

This is an official Bonanza response.

Hello EmpressDepot,

Thanks for your question. I checked on your account and saw that you did change the shipping settings for one of your items as you described, but in your booth settings area under “Payments & purchases” you have the setting [URL removed]

“Shoppers must have a shipping address in my country of residence.”

Having this setting enabled will always prevent any buyers located outside of the US from purchasing your items, regardless of what shipping options you may enable.

If you need any additional assistance regarding this issue please don’t hesitate to contact our support team using the “Help” drop down menu at the top of any Bonanza page, or by sending us an email to [email protected].


answered about 2 months ago


EmpressDepot February 27, 2024

Thank you Brandon. I went in and changed that setting under Payments & Purchases.

EmpressDepot February 27, 2024

I do have an email into support already. I will be waiting to hear. But if you want to share something with me here also feel free to :)

Hi Sharon

I get the message of

No shipping price specified to CA.

If I put it in my cart, it says you only ship to the US.


answered about 2 months ago


EmpressDepot February 26, 2024

Thank you Brenda. I thought that may happen. Maybe it is a shipping profile I need to do for it… One step closer now :)

EmpressDepot February 26, 2024

Question for you Brenda, does it tell you what kind of shipping service I am sending the package by?

BookbinEtc February 26, 2024

No, except for inside the listing where it says you ship FC, but I imagine that’s for USA.

EmpressDepot February 27, 2024

Thank you Brenda!!

EmpressDepot February 27, 2024

What do you see now that I did what Brandon told me to do? TY

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