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I have this question into support but also would like to ask the community to see if anyone knows the answer.

My printer ran out of ink, so I am needing to go paperless so that I can ship two packages. Therefore, I need a QR code. But the only thing I am seeing in relation to QR code is PDF QR code from the drop down when going to ship. PDF is readable though? Doesn’t that mean it would be some sort of a label rather than just a code I am given. In one of Bonanza’s pop ups it mentions that the USPS will scan it…but that would not be paperless.

I am confused as you can tell and will post back with Bonanza’s response no matter what. It will be cool I think once I know the answer. I never knew something like this existed. I always hated it when my printer ran out of ink and I had to hand write a label and pay full shipping price at the PO.



Editing to add : See my updated post below

asked 3 months ago


Tammies_Treasures December 03, 2023

I think you can pull up the code on your phone and they scan it from there.

EmpressDepot December 05, 2023

So far it looks like u r right, Tammie. I’m going to the post office tomorrow and will post back here lol. I don’t like new things.

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Here is how a QR Code on Bonanza Works (this was my experience) :

When creating your shipping label on Bonanza, choose PDF QR Code from the drop down. This same drop down has a list of different size labels you select from for when you do have a printer.

Once you submit everything and purchase your label, Bonanza will send you an email that contains an attachment. Check your email right afterwards to make sure it is there. This attachment has two pages. The first page is a bar code (sort of looks like that) and the second page is your actual label.

When you go to the post office you will take your package without anything on it. You will open the email and the attachment in front of the postal worker. He will scan the first page that has what looks to be a bar code (note that I had to click on the bar code image to bring the bar code into full view so that it could be scanned … you may not have to).

And then a label prints out and the postal worker places it onto the package.

Note, for my postal worker, at first he did not think it would scan. If this happens with yours let him know that another seller on Bonanza said it worked for their postal worker.

Importantly, when shipping out multiple packages, I would use a sticky note placed on the package with the buyer’s first or last name. It makes it a lot easier to match the attachment in the email to the package. It also helps out the postal worker.

I hope this helps. If you would like more clarity on what I’ve said here just post.

I did not include Bonanza’s email because there was an extra step that I did not have to take, etc.


answered 3 months ago


Tammies_Treasures December 06, 2023

Thank you for the update Sharon

EmpressDepot December 06, 2023

You are welcome Tammi :)

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