About how long do I have to wait for traffic to start coming in to my store, how long before I make a sell? I sell on eBay & Poshmark and I didn’t have to wait long at all for my first sale, I don’t know about this platform

asked about 2 months ago


kattinsanity December 06, 2019

I’ve been here for a few years now & can count my total sales at under 10. Don’t expect ebay results here. In Nov. I sold 1 item here & 42 on ebay. Don’t give up ebay expecting to survive here.

Glodeo December 06, 2019

kattinsanity is totally correct!

4 Answers

Sales are almost nonexistent here. I’ve had 12 in a little over 2 years. You have to do your own advertising, and even then it doesn’t really help. Not many people know about this site and would rather buy somewhere else.

answered about 1 month ago

It depends on what you are selling, you really have to sell something that stands apart from the #1 go to online marketplace that is ebay and amazon, who cornered the marketplace from ancient times of internet. Your booth have to offer items not run-of-the-mill but unique. But aside from this, the reason I only give bonanza as my sole selling platform is because of its flexibility in their fees and its myriad marketing options, which ebay and amazon pales in comparison & ebay plus amazon are ruthless to sellers. These two “top-notched” site are too cost damaging with unbearable overhead costs to sellers, therefore are entry prohibitive for destitute sellers. Hence I dubbed ebay and amazon as billionaire seller club marketplace exclusively for affluent beginner sellers. Give bonanza a decent try, bonanza will eventually get their in its traffic volume

answered about 2 months ago

Set your advertising at least at the 9 pct level to get your items into google shopping. Any higher is no guarantee of more results, just more exposure (and higher sell fees). Buying Turbo packs here (or subscriptions) is also Expen$ive and again, no guarantee of sales. The expense could eat you alive. As ByeByeStore mentioned, this aint the big sites exposure but the auction site is changing for the worse so hopefully Bonz will pick up some of those sellers and buyers. You got to give it some time here. Good Luck

answered about 2 months ago

You have to promote yourself using whatever social media you use.

You can use Bonanza advertising percentages.

This is not eBay or Amazon. You have to work to get SALES (not sells).

answered about 2 months ago


tomwayne1 December 06, 2019

“You have to work to get SALES (not sells).” @Policequilts… lots of peeps interchange those to words improperly.

tomwayne1 December 06, 2019

Of course, I meant “two” words. LOL

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