STRIPE PAYMENTS and postage shipping labels - can you print a shipping label through Stripe and when is it safe to ship your item?

Hi! We just had our first sale on Bonanza using Stripe. Can you print shipping labels through Stripe? Also, can you get the same postage discount that you get when you use Paypal? We have printed labels before on Paypal, but not sure if you can and how to do it on Stripe? Finally, when is it safe to ship, if the payment says “succeeded”, then you should ship the item? Is the payment in your Stripe account until you transfer it? Thanks for your help.

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No, you cannot print shipping through Stripe. I do it in paypal and then enter the tracking here. Use the “Manage muli-order shipping” link and then the Create label link.

Once stripe informs of the sale, ship your items (the credit card validation only comes though if everything checks out), otherwise bonanza would never have informed you of the sale

The payment for the first time will have about a 7-10 day wait before sent to your checking account, afterwards it will be sent the next business day if that is what you wish. (Mine is set-up to Automatic every day..can be set for weekly or monthly)
Mine is usually sent to my checking account every 1-3 days. I just had a purchase about 2 hrs ago (9:30pm) and Stripe already has it in transit to my will show there tomorrow. You can set it for manual payout if you wish

Since I have added stripe my sales increased and about 75% are now stripe (counting here and on my website)

answered 5 months ago

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See ccmom's booth


Nola_Discount_Shop July 06, 2020

It worked perfectly. Thanks for your assistance. Congrats on your increased sales with Stripe!

ccmom July 06, 2020

You are very welcome!

Stoneponies July 06, 2020

I signed up for Stripe a couple of days after it was available for all sellers. I had a sale through it within a couple of days and so far, about half of my customers use it.

Stoneponies July 06, 2020

I uses the Stamps postage available through Bonanza. I keep a Shipping fund balance that pays for all the postage.

Bumblebeasvariety July 06, 2020

My sales at my 3 booths have also increased since I added Stripe.

You can also purchase labels using PirateShip – same lower shipping costs as PayPal, and it’s free.

answered 5 months ago


Bumblebeasvariety July 06, 2020

I use pirate ship all the time.

ToysFromAttic July 06, 2020

I don’t know anything about Stripe but heard 1 seller complaining on Etsy that if there is an issue, Stripe will not be as helpful as Paypal is. Just wondering if anyone ever had an issue with a customer using Stripe?

ToysFromAttic July 06, 2020

I’ve been using Pirate Ship for months now and love it. The CS is wonderful. Sorry my last post nested incorrectly.

ccmom July 07, 2020

ToysFromAttic..I have use the chat help a couple of times and so far have had great customer support..actually better than I ever had a PP

ToysFromAttic July 07, 2020

ccmom, that is great to know. I have no idea how to sign up for Stripe. Is it easy?

I am grateful for having such an amazing work,thanks from HYFYTV

answered 5 months ago

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I have had several sales with stripe. I use Pirate Ship also. Very easy and cheaper than Bonanza shipping.

answered 5 months ago

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