Published coupons readily visible to listings in booth

I am really liking this.

I noticed a few days ago that my published coupon now automatically is visibly applied to my listing so that shoppers can see this in my booth without having to click on the listing. And when clicking the listing, there is a strike thru over the price. Before this, I think the published coupon was represented as kind of boring. I like the bright blue showing the percentage off in my booth.

I’ve wanted something like this for a really long time. I’m so glad we can have this without having to have a membership. I’m sure it is a win-win.


Something else I noticed with a published coupon is that the drop in price for the listing automatically shows when you see your listings in Google shopping. I’ve even seen it where Google shopping shows it as being on sale…more so with name brand names though, which I do not know why Google is selective on this part.

I’m pretty sure this last part is Google at work…regardless of who it is all of this helps.

asked 3 months ago


SparklesJewelry February 17, 2019

Good Morning, i just went to your booth to see, and no coupons were showing, I had to hit on an item, then i saw the coupon on top when i clicked on one item, then the coupon appeared on all items., but Bonanza has always done this. I am not sure about Google shopping tho.

EmpressDepot February 17, 2019

That is weird (seems I’m say this a lot lately). I never had it happen where I could see the coupon automatically applied to my listings while in my booth. Did it always work like that when you clicked on the coupon up top in a listing and then the coupon showed up on all listings in the booth?

EmpressDepot February 17, 2019

I guess I must have clicked on my own coupon then at some point.

EmpressDepot February 17, 2019

But yes, Google shopping definitely does something extra when a published coupon is done. Listings on Google shopping show what the mark down price is for rather than the original price without the published coupon..and for some listings they will even have something in the corner of the image…

EmpressDepot February 17, 2019

that says sale or something similar to that. I’ll see if I can find one and post back here.

SparklesJewelry February 17, 2019

Yes, i noticed since i am in the selling group here on Bonanza, GOTM, and i would always check when I had a coupon published. It may also be a glitch on bonanza that you could not see them before, im not sure, but it is possible.

EmpressDepot February 17, 2019

Ok. See this listing here in my booth:

EmpressDepot February 17, 2019

Notice the regular price is $6.50. The discounted price is $5.33

EmpressDepot February 17, 2019

If you make a search on Google shopping for this listing, you’ll see the listing as showing for sale at $5.33

EmpressDepot February 17, 2019

Where is the selling group at. How would I get there to check it out?

SparklesJewelry February 17, 2019

The selling group is here on Bonanza, but i think it has been shut down this month due to lack of interest. So maybe next month it will start again. But i make a coupon for the group, i would always go back and check it in my booth, and i would see the discount after hitting on one item.

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Okay. Welp, it would be nice one day to see that the coupon is automatically applied without having to click on anything prior.

It’s not the first time I goofed and will not be the last lol :)


answered 3 months ago


SparklesJewelry February 17, 2019

Sharon, i agree. You didn’t goof, i think there are probably many that have not noticed it. And i agree, it would be nice if it were just automatically applied, i dont know why it can’t be. Pretty strange if you ask me

EmpressDepot February 18, 2019

Thank you, Sparkles. Triple smile at you :) :) :)

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