Protect your purchase warranty options provided by consumer priority services, inc.

Does anyone know the details concerning this warranty offer. I put one of my items in my cart just to see if the coupon discount would show and saw this warranty offer for the first time. Who is responsible for honoring the warranty? Is it Consumer Priority Services or me? For the most part, the things I sale are items I have purchased and no longer use, but are in very good condition. I wouldn’t be able to replace it. I read the details, but am still unclear about the way this works.

asked about 1 month ago

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A service offered by Bonanza…

The buyer of the item pays for the warranty coverage and CPS is responsible for any claims. No costs of any kind to the seller.

answered about 1 month ago

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Atomicdiner May 09, 2021

I have NEVER bought a warranty for anything in my life, not even a big ticket item like a car. Just another way to get money out of people. Used items I sell are what they are USED. Many items I have are so old, they dont make em anymore anyway.

tomwayne1 May 09, 2021

CPS doesn’t offer a warranty on everything (probably electronics more than anything) but if it gives a buyer peace of mind, so be it.

abigdogmom May 10, 2021

Thank you for the answer, it eased my worried mind.

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answered about 1 month ago

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