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I recently sold an item here… my first one! The payment is currently pending in Paypal. I accept the payment, PayPal requests that I verify bank account, and sends me to my already confirmed bank account. No other choice to proceed b/c bank account is confirmed/ verified.

Ive logged out of PayPal website and still show same Pending Payment. Ive logged into PayPal app and show payment as unclaimed.

My email for paypal and Bonanza are NOT the same. I know this could be a possibility. Verifying before I contact the customer.

Please help! TIA!

asked 6 months ago


abigdogmom August 06, 2020

could your customer be paying with a echeck? That happened to me once and it took a few days for the echeck to clear.

Bestellunseca August 24, 2020

3 Answers

Was the money sent from bonanza to paypal using your bonanza email or paypal email???

Need to go to
Booth Settings
Payment and purchases..

Under paypal, you should have your paypal email listed regardless of what email you use for your booth..

I have three booths, all with different emails..but all three go to same paypal email which I have entered in the booth settings..

You will probably have to contact PayPal to see what is going on…because once the purchase goes through, bonanza has no control over the money…and as of now it appears that paypal is awaiting something from you…

answered 6 months ago

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See ccmom's booth

Instead of speculating, I’d suggest calling PayPal.

answered 6 months ago


Bestellunseca August 24, 2020

Thank you for this post. Good luck.

Bestellunseca August 24, 2020 This is great advice! Very honest and practical. I really enjoyed this post. Nice post!!

answered 5 months ago

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