No traffic at all.

I opened my booth in bonanza a couple of months ago. i have set the superior advertising plan and during this 2 months my listings have no views at all, i do not know how is bonanza working like this. my products in other sales channels i have a handful number of orders everyday and growing but on Bonanza i am not talking about sales i did not get even view for my products. is this market place dead? or am i missing something?

asked 29 days ago

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EmpressDepot June 17, 2019

I recomend to do away with the superior advertising and stick with 9% FVF.

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If you make a page for your booth on Facebook, that helps. Also occasionally post a few of your items on Pinterest and Twitter.

answered 28 days ago


There has not been much traffic here since the name change from Bonanzle to Bonanza, Have to do all the leg work yourself. The sales I have had the past months came from EB so if it takes that site to sell and pay a fee her for selling on EB then it’s time to re-think where to set up shop. I have moved most items over and have made more sales in a month there then on here in 6 months. Just something to think about.

answered 28 days ago

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KarensCollections June 18, 2019

Same here. I switched sites and I’m making good sales elsewhere. I had been here well over a year and only had about 10 to 12 sales.


You have to do your own advertising on social media sites in order to get ANY traffic.

answered 29 days ago


Atomicdiner June 18, 2019

Otherwise if you dont, then no sales here lately. Kinda like what Florida is for Retirees (Gods waiting room). Bonz seems to park items waiting to die.

KarensCollections June 18, 2019

Exactly, I posted my stuff several times a day on about 6 or 7 different sites and still had low traffic and nonexistent sales. I went to another site and I’m now making very regular sales without having to do me own advertising.

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