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Why doesn’t Bonanza allow sellers to use shipping services like Pirate Ship? I’ve used Pirate Ship for several years due to our mail carrier demanding that I provide a scan sheet every day. I sell on several platforms and it is much easier to only use one shipping service. Bonanza is making it difficult for small sellers like myself who only sell one or two items a month. The $2 fee if you use a different service is too much for $10 items I sometimes sell. I printed a label through Bonanza today and was charged 25 cents for using a credit card. Bonanza is running off small sellers like myself who have been on Bonanza for over ten years. There are so many selling platforms out there and Bonanza is making it to expensive to be a small seller now.

asked 3 months ago


Tammies_Treasures December 02, 2023

You can get an exemption if you use a third party shipper on their approved Api partners. However Pirate ship is not one of them.

DianaZurcher December 10, 2023

I also sell small items but offer flat rate. Support told me there are no charts available to plan for shipping costs. This sounds a bit heavy handed. Hard enough getting by.

threedognight74 December 22, 2023

I am well aware of the exemptions, Tammie. I’ve been on Bonanza for a long time.

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New shipping policy is BS. I sell on 2 other ecommerce sites and all my sales tie into 1 shipping platform and they don’t charge me anything extra, only what it costs to ship – NOT an extra 25 cents per label – Pirateship, Shipstation and Bonanza had all the same dollar amount ($10.32) for a package I need to send – I just paid .25 cents more on that label.
My opinion I think every ecommerce platform should offer shipping labels if they choose and charge a fee if they choose – but if a seller wants to go elsewhere to buy a label and that ecommerce site says, “well you can but we are charging you $2”
Like most I will be closing up shop at the end of the year.

answered 3 months ago

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DianaZurcher December 10, 2023

I agree 100%. Bonanza is a platform and should let a seller choose who they buy there labels from. I too am long established on Pirate and love their service.

I go thru PayPal and it is way less costly and easier to use then Bonanza
I tried to make a shipping label
1 you pick your label I use USPS Priority Medium box and click it it brings up the price with a 3 dollar discount I print it is done
Bonanza you only get a section saying Large or Medium Box and then you have to put in the size and weight of the box why?

On PayPal the USPS Priority Medium is good for up to 75lbs why do i need to add a weight to Bonanza if it not needed on PayPal

I have used PayPal Ship Station for years and will continue too I will just pass that fee to the customer if need to check out TrueGether as I was told by them they don’t use there shipping they allow all seller to ship how they want with no fees at all

Bad Idea to force sellers to this planform I think they will lose sellers and lose buyers as they will have to pay extra for their items as sellers will just pass it on to the buyers

was nice at one time too bad they have to wreak it for all us sellers and now buyers too

answered 2 months ago

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FrogAndBearCreations January 27, 2024

they had paypal shiostation as an approved API but now it seems that is not so as it is now the option for the new shipping policy here and you get the 2 buck ding if you do not use it

FrogAndBearCreations January 27, 2024

I have taken my advertising down to the generic 3.5% – they can have the 2 bucks and I will continue to use Paypal Shipstation

whatsitsgalore February 17, 2024

Apparently just using ShipStation isn’t good enough, you have to buy a monthly service from them to qualify. Not an option for me, selling maybe 1 item/month on Bonanza.

whatsitsgalore February 17, 2024

Thanks, TJ, for mentioning TrueGether. Never heard of it, but I will try it, as Bonanza can’t last much longer.

You are charging us $2 shipping?  And when I fill out the information for a small envelope the lowest shipping rate is $9.  I sell single magnets for 7.99 and free shipping. I mail them out in a manilla envelope with one stamp.  I’ve been doing this for 23 years on ebay and 5 years here on bonanza.  With your new greedy method I will be giving the magnets away for free.  Goodbye!  I’ll stick with ebay.  You are all a bunch of greedy crooks!

answered 2 months ago

Looks like we are all stuck with this new rip you off or use our shipping rule – I wonder just how many of us sellers have jumped ship
Too bad they do not see the fact that the sellers make the site work and are the backbone of any selling platform

answered 25 days ago

Not impressed with the 2.00 fee since we sell on many different platforms and we use pirateship. Not sure why this change came into play only on Bonanza. But since sales are so slow on Bonanza lately i guess its really not that big of a deal as now we are just marking up our prices another 2.00 in which that will slow Bonanza sales even more. Been here for many years and not impressed with the 2.00 extra charge :(

answered about 2 months ago

I sell on 3 platforms as well as my own independent website (not speaking of the Bonanza webstore, I also have a regular webstore besides the Bonanza webstore). I used shipping as they automatically pulled all orders from all the platforms I sell on and combined them into one place to buy and print postage. They also have really good prices and their package insurance was exceptional (USPS will always find away not to pay for damaged or lost items). I find it is more expensive to ship from Bonanza than it was on shipping easy.
From what I can tell (they really make it difficult) a 2.00 charge is automatically made to your account when a sales is made. What I don’t understand is why some orders have the 2.00 charge credited when you buy the shipping but others do not have it credited. It looks like maybe half are getting the 2.00 credited back on the shipping assessment? Can anyone explain how this is working? As I said I am not understanding it?

answered about 2 months ago

And do you know what the interesting thing is? Bonanza receives a kickback percentage from the shipping service (USPS, UPS, etc.)! That’s how companies like Pirate Ship make their money!

answered 29 days ago

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