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I also sell on Ebay & had some listings imported from ebay to bonanza. I had some old clock parts listed on auction format on ebay & I woke up this morning to find one of the auction items had sold here last night for my starting bid price on ebay. Do all auction format items sell here for the starting bid price? I’m cancelling the sale & refunding the buyer. Is everything on bonanza buy it now or do they even have an auction format for listings? I only sell under 5 items here a year so I don’t keep up much on bonanza policies.

asked about 1 month ago


tomwayne1 September 29, 2020

Imported auctions from eBay are listed at the auction starting price. After all, how would Bonanza know what selling price to use? You have to edit the price after importing.

EmpressDepot October 01, 2020

She may have had an auction starting price but also had a buy it now price.

kattinsanity October 02, 2020

EmpressDepot~~I had a starting price but no BIN price. Mt B buyer understood what happened & I steered her to my ebay listing if she wanted to bid on it.

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Bonanza does NOT offer AUCTION’s. Its all BIN unless you take offers. Understand OFFERS usually DOES NOT include ship charges (a flaw as far as I am concerned) and if you accept it, then shipping is on you at the price you accepted here. If you fed items to here from Ebay, it takes the starting price that was on Ebay. If you cross pollinate from Ebay to here and it sells and you need to cancel the sale, YOU will not make buyers very happy and UNLIKE EBAY, they can leave Negative feedbacks HERE which will hurt any future sales HERE for you. NOT the best idea to do so.
You will need to monitor your cross pollinated items on both sites more closely and react quickly if something sells or don’t cross pollinate same item on both sites. It cost you nothing to list here outside of your time spent, unless you pay for a subscription plan to get better placement here. (I don’t.) You must select the advertising level of at least 9 pct fee on sales here in order to get your items into Google Shopping if you expect any sales at all. Perhaps that may have been your problem with low sales here if you chose default exposure.

You get back from Bonanza what you put into it here. Some sellers here are more successful than others because of what they put into it with social site promoting of their items.

answered about 1 month ago

Bonanza doesn’t have auction listings, and as far as I know they never have had. Actually, I find it hard to believe that you didn’t do a little basic research on selling on Bonanza before importing all your items from eBay, or at the very least check over your listings after they were imported. It’s one thing saying “I don’t keep up much on bonanza policies”. It’s another thing to never even look at them in the first place.

answered about 1 month ago

One of the first things it says in the basic Bonanza information is that auctions imported from eBay are imported with the starting price! (Also that the auction format is not used here.) It’s ridiculous that you didn’t check over your (5 or fewer!!!) listings to SEE what price the items had on them. It’s your responsibility to read about the site you are selling on so you can anticipate problems and sell knowledgeably. When you didn’t follow through on that Bonanza sale, you put doubt about ALL Bonanza sellers in that buyer’s mind… and contributed negatively to this site’s reputation. Wow…

answered about 1 month ago


kattinsanity September 29, 2020

It’s a waste of time to deal so much with Bonanza when I make all my sales on ebay. Bad reputation? I don’t believe Bonanza has a reputation to ruin. Nobody buys here anyway. Bad feedback? I really don’t care when I don’t sell anything anyway. I’m ending all my listings.

Atomicdiner September 29, 2020

U asked a question and we all tried to help you and answer and offer some advice so dont kill the messengers for you not dealing with your item prices here. This is not Ebay and is a much friendlier place than the San Jose Mafia.

kattinsanity September 29, 2020

I find ebay very friendly~~I’ve been selling there for almost 21 years. At least items sell on ebay~~if I had to depend on Bonanza I wouldn’t even waste my time. I’m not wasting my time here again.

kattinsanity September 29, 2020

Littleblackdog~~I said I MAYBE sell 4-5 items a year here. I just took down 100+ listings from here today. Right now I have around 120 running on ebay so (“5 or fewer”!!!) does not pertain to anything.

Atomicdiner September 29, 2020

I wish you continued success with Ebay and their Managed Payments fiasco but that was the final straw for me there. Actually my Bonanza sales have picked up here a bit as more get frustrated with Ebays ever changing tactics.

kattinsanity September 30, 2020

Atomicdiner~~I just opted into the managed payments 9/1 & I wish I had opted in before 9/1. I chose weekly deposits & every Tuesday I have $$ deposited into my checking account. I prefer that over pay pal 100%. Maybe sellers should have tried it instead of leaving ebay over it.

abigdogmom September 30, 2020

With your attitude of not caring if you hurt the reputation of Bonanza and the sellers is much better for you to be solely affiliated with eBay.

You get out what you put in. As long as buyers are finding your items on ebay… there is no reason for them to search elsewhere…and as long as you are not willing to put the effort that you put I to setting up at Ebay to making it work then nothing will ever happen. You still have bon default avatar…haven’t even bothered to make the booth yours

answered about 1 month ago

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