My booth isn't showing up? what gives?

I put my booth on vacation for a short time, then yesterday, I came ’’back’’ or clicked on “No” regarding booth vacation. I thought for sure I’d come online today, and my booth would be back up and running, but it’s not, it’s still empty, how long do I have to wait until Bonanza allows me to actually be back from Vacation (as of yesterday)? Am I missing something more I need to do? Thanks for your answers!

asked 28 days ago


ccmom October 22, 2019

after you clicked no..did you click on the “Save all my changes”….I know you probably did, but go give another try…hope you are doing better..Dee..take care

divinefabricsnmore October 22, 2019

Hi There…methinks you are Bonanza’s BEST Answer Gal, I’m smiling, but it’s True in my eyes! Well, yes when I came on I went & checked Booth Settings~Yesterday & today, too, I made sure to be in the correct button re: booth on vacation, & yes,1x more I clicked on Save changes! Thanks & Blessings!

ccmom October 22, 2019

only other thing I can think of and you probably have too…check the item on the add/edit scree..see if ready to post or are in reserve..etc or go to batch edit and set item status to for sale…

bonanzawanda (Bonanza Staff) October 22, 2019

Currently your items are set on “Reserved”. Here is a link from our Help pages,

EmpressDepot October 24, 2019

Yep. Taking my booth off vacation and clicking save changes did not work for me the last time. Had to make sure and go into batch edit taking them off of reserve.

2 Answers

This is an official Bonanza response.

Welcome to the Bonanza Community!

We see your booth is not online. If you have questions or need further assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to our award-winning support team at
Thank you and Have a Great Day!
Bonanza Happiness Producer

answered 28 days ago


divinefabricsnmore October 22, 2019

I have been on Bonanza since 2009, when it was called “Bonanza” ~ but thanks for the welcome, anyway…and by the way though I appreciate the your outreach, yes, I did contact support, before I read your comment…you have a great day/week/year, too, Wanda! Thanks once more! :) Dee :H

divinefabricsnmore October 22, 2019

Oh I meant to say when it wasn’t called Bonanza, but Bonanzle

bonanzawanda (Bonanza Staff) October 23, 2019

Our team has received your ticket and investigating and hope to soon have it resolved. You will recieve a response later today. We apologize for your inconvenience. Thank you and Have a Great Day! Wanda Bonanza Happiness Producer


My Booth is Up and Showing, once again, Thanks to each of You who helped or tried to help, I Deeply Appreciate You! Yes, Most was AOK…however, some items came up that were not suppose to show, I had to go through each item, I only hope I didn’t miss something…hey, glitches happen everywhere, I get that, Thanks Again Peeps! This old gal (‘m-whaaahh! LOL!) is ’’out of Retirement" trying to sell again, here with Bonanza! Be Blessed! Dee

answered 27 days ago

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CindyBear October 24, 2019

Good to hear…always love looking at the material patterns and of course the lovely banners you create..Have a great day…Cindy (aka ccmom)

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