My bonanza shipping label did not include the tracking number - why is that?

I printed up a pre-paid shipping label for 2 items sold by me on Bonanza, attached it to the package and went to the post office. The post office rejected it because there was no tracking number on the label. I went back home, and sure enough – that information was definitely missing. When i delved further, I found that a tracking number had been created by Bonanza, but did not show on the label.This is, to say the least, distressing to me. I paid for a label which the post office would not accept; I will have to make another trip to the post office, and will need to hand print the tracking number on the package – assuming the post office will even accept it. This is not acceptable.

asked 2 months ago

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See if you can reprint the label and in the preview if the tracking number is there. If the tracking number shows on the preview of printing the label, print it and place over the other label.

I would go over to paypal, and use their shipping. Since most sellers have Paypal, your buyers information is on Paypal and just just their shipping to print your label.

:-D Hi Carolyn

answered 2 months ago


cshort0319 March 31, 2020

Got a pompous snarky reply that thee service they use doesn’t do that, so I am out of luck, and can eat the loss. I’m currrently removing almost everything from my booth. I don’t need this.

ccmom March 31, 2020

if it was media have to actually request and pay extra for tracking

ccmom March 31, 2020

I also just checked and from what I can tell, bonz does not offer tracking for media mail but I could be wrong..I just did not see it

RedbirdRidge April 01, 2020

Bonanza shipping does have tracking for media mail. You have to check the box that requests tracking (Free, no charge).

ccmom April 01, 2020

thanks Redbird..did not see that..I don’t actually use Bonz shipping..I use paypal…which you also have to check for media mail

Policequilts April 02, 2020

From reading the additional information, Bonanza still has no eCommerce sense. The default should be always print with tracking number and leave $ off

That’s very strange. I almost always use Bonanza labels and never had that happen. Definitely try printing the label again, to see if it might have been an issue in printing…

answered 2 months ago

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RedbirdRidge April 01, 2020

On Bonanza shipping, after you enter the information for your package, on the next page there is a section where you check a box to request the free tracking. I have been using this for several years and have no problems.

Bummer. I always use PayPal to print the labels as I cant see paying for them here, even though it is a nominal charge. I operate on a thin margin as it is and seldom even break even on the postage after fees and such. Buyers dont realize how much it does cost to ship stuff because they are spoiled with FREE shipping from other sites. Believe me, it is in the price somewhere (as we all know as sellers). Good Luck

answered 2 months ago

I don’t quite think some of you understood. You talk about reprinting the label. Did you not understand that I had already printed and paid for the label?

When I review my original request, there is NOTHING showing the tracking number.

Why should I have to pay twice to send an item?

Bonanza screwed up. Plain and simple.

Why should I be penalized for their error?

I am being told by so-called Director of Happiness, basically – tough. Eat it.

I will be removing most items from my booth.

I’m very angry.

answered 2 months ago


Policequilts March 31, 2020

When you reprint your label, you are not charged for it. This option is available if your printer jams or ?

SuesGarageSale March 31, 2020

Print through Paypal. Go to the Bonanza label site and look for where you can request a refund from the Post Office for the original label. It will take a few weeks but you should get it back. I’ve had to do that on eBay before & never had a problem. Good luck!

cshort0319 March 31, 2020

It’s deliberate on their part. No mistake. They simply don’t care.

RedbirdRidge April 01, 2020

On Bonanza shipping, after you enter the information for your package, on the next page there is a section where you check a box to request the free tracking. It is the same section to request that the shipping cost does not show, if you want signature on receipt, etc.

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