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What am I doing wrong?

I’ve been grouping my CDs in lots to blow them out. Not one single one shows up in search results. Not by artist name nor by Lot of CD. My original single listings show up but not the combined Lots. [Other peoples lots show but not mine] Any ideas as to what I’m doing wrong or how to fix it?

asked 27 days ago

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1 Answer

I searched for

Lot of 45 Soundtrack CDs – No Cases

Lot of 4 CDs Tom Petty – No Cases

and found them in my results. Could it be due to you being Canadian doing a search for your own items? Double check that your search for a single CD vs. a lot of CDs is using the same filters (on left side) of results page.

The Bonanza search filters have options that include:

Ships to (specify country)
Ships from (specify country)

answered 26 days ago

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selah54 May 22, 2019

awesome! Thanks Tom :)

selah54 May 22, 2019

hmmm nope that didn’t change anything. If I type in Tom Petty CD I get my individual single listings. If I search for Lot of CDs – nothing of mine shows. If I type in Lot of 4 Tom Petty CDs…. THEN it comes up. Unfortunately no one is going to search for Lot of 4 Tom Petty CDs :(

tomwayne1 May 22, 2019

I just searched for Lot of CDs (without using the 4 or Tom Petty in the search) with the filter set to Ships to United States. Found the Tom Petty CDs and 1206 other items.

tomwayne1 May 22, 2019

The Trisha Yearwood lot showed up in the same results.

tomwayne1 May 22, 2019

Try logging OUT of your accounts and then searching.

selah53 May 22, 2019

Thanks again Tom…. logging out was worth the try but unfortunately the same lack of ‘Lot’ results. This is so weird! Doesn’t matter if I select ships to US or to Canada. Wondering if it’s because the title states no cases? I can’t see how that would affect things though?

selah53 May 22, 2019

I guess I don’t need to worry about the fact that I can’t see it as long as customers can :)

selah53 May 22, 2019

Thanks again for your time and help Tom…. appreciate it :)

tomwayne1 May 22, 2019

Look above to my posts and you’ll see that I put No Cases into my search.

selah53 May 22, 2019

Yah I saw that… just grasping at straws cause none of this is making sense :)

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