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I just started a booth and decided to go generic so that I can test what is orking for me.
- do I have to activate a shop to sell? Can I sell without shop first? (this i a cost question, Once I am earning I am happy to pay..)
- Import products from Shopify: If I am chooing for example to import print on demand Item from printify, will it imort all items fro there or can I choose which Item it will import? If not can I than delete the one I don’t want to have there?

asked 27 days ago

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You can have a “free” account (maybe something you would call “generic”). It appears that you have already done that, as I see you already have items in your booth. There is no limit to the number of items you can list (at NO cost to list) and the commission rate (FVF) is only 3.5% (with a minimum of 50 cents) when an item sells. If you want your items to be sent to Google Shopping, then you must pick the 9% advertising rate as a minimum FVF. There are even higher advertising rates that offer extra benefits.

As far as importing items (this applies to ALL import methods), you have to import all items and then delete the ones you don’t want to list on Bonanza. The Batch Editor makes that pretty easy to do.

answered 26 days ago

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See tomwayne1's booth

Hummm @ Karen When your a small seller of one of a kind or of unique items, you need some extra tools. And since I can’t see her booth now i will just make a assumption of 1 thing lacking in her tool bag. Followers!I still follow community boards on ebay (yes still there) on this very Topic. Thank goodness Bonanza has it. I think is something we all need to do to help each other with our 1 of a kind items. Why? We sellers are also buyers!! So here’s a link. https://www.bonanza.com/site_help/booth_promotion/promoting_your_booth. Anyone like what I or WE have, please follow us/me. Thanks for listening and good luck!

answered 25 days ago


Good luck selling anything here. You HAVE to do all your own advertising if you want any kind of traffic, no mater what rate you have your booth set to. I emptied my booth due to lack of sales here. I was on here for about a year and a half and only had about 12 sales total.

answered 26 days ago

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