Items listed for a year are now being disapproved by google?

Out of the blue Google has disapproved 17 of my listings that have been sitting here for at least a year?? When originally listed all items had their traits filled out, UPC & MPN numbers done, etc. I went in on one listing and some of the traits AND the MPN & UPC numbers are gone. I tried 4 times to update & relist the item and no luck. I have requested my feed report 2 times – tells me there are errors. I do NOT have the time to delete everyone of these items and relist – it is counter productive! This is SO frustrating! Any ideas?

asked 5 months ago

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abigdogmom May 22, 2019

I am almost certain this is due to some change or update Bonanza people have done. Every time they do something new and fantastic, I have problems with my listings, such as trait info going away and changing items to multiples instead of only 1. It’s frustrating.

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I haven’t seen that, Sue. I have noticed that when reviewing a listing, that info I thought was there, is no longer. Maybe something that Bonz has changed, has removed info in error.

answered 5 months ago


Verify those particular Bonanza listings are being sent to Google. You do have the option to exclude specific listings from Bonanza’s feed submission to Google. Once listings are submitted, any acceptance or rejection is made by Google. Bonanza has no say in that part.

If you have items that you believe have been changed (on Bonanza’s end) prior to Google submission, then try to identify if all of them have the same errors. Classifying the type of error could go a long way to diagnosing the reason.

On my end, I have not seen any changes to any of my item quantities, traits or UPC/EAN/ISBN or MPN numbers after Bonanza updates.

answered 5 months ago

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suejo0101 May 22, 2019

All of these 17 items have been on Bonanza for at least a yr. My questions is why all of a sudden Google doesn’t like them? They were originally listed with every trait filled in but now half are gone.

suejo0101 May 22, 2019

To continue – I picked on item and tried 4 times with all the traits filled in and still no luck. I’m just going to leave things as they are – maybe someone willl “fall” into my booth and buy them – or maybe they will sell on ebay!

suejo0101 May 22, 2019

Im sorry – I just commented on this thread under my art booth! lol But you all get my drift. I was the original poster for Sues Garage Sale.

tomwayne1 May 23, 2019

Google doesn’t always “catch” items that don’t fit their guidelines. The items may have slipped in previously, but were eventually identified and removed. Again, this is on Google, not Bonanza.


This happened to me with a lot of my jewelry listings once….the gender trait was a big one which is a requirement of Google shopping to have this for jewelry.

answered 5 months ago

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