Item condition

classic question maybe..
what is the different between NEW and New Other (see details) Condition..
i really want to know how it work and what is the best for our platform here..
thank you

asked about 2 months ago

2 Answers

New pertains to an item still in the unopened box or still in the original factory packaging~~never opened. New other pertains to something without the original packaging but never used, something where the box or packaging has been opened & item has been removed & put back into the original packaging, something new but may have marks from storage, something new with damaged packaging. Whatever the “other” is has to be disclosed in the listing. People may buy something to gift someone & they need to know anything that may be wrong with the item or the packaging.

answered about 1 month ago

I also think that Google Requires a UPC for all NEW Items.
All knowing Google (who is NEVER WRONG) thinks even a 50+ year old NEW item will have a UPC (even though UPC codes JUST started coming out in 1974) as the little twerps at google never lived in an era prior to UPC CODES (and now QR Codes will no doubt be coming soon).

answered about 1 month ago


homeeplace August 04, 2020

this is my concern…since many manufacturers doesn’t come with the UPC on their product, only how do we treat it to make them show up on google without UPC?

ccmom August 05, 2020

google only requires two of the three, upc, brand, mph…so brand and mpn will be fine

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