It will not accept the connection to my paypal account.

I have no idea why it’s doing this. But I am anxious to get all of my inventory entered into this system and open my booth! Other than this issue, this experience has been very user-friendly. ????

asked 2 months ago

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Hi @Mounted_Treasures,

Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear about the trouble getting your PayPal account setup. We had a look at your booth and confirm that both your PayPal and Stripe accounts have been connected, and you currently have 20 listings available for interested buyers to purchase.

We’re happy to hear that your booth setup process was otherwise user-friendly. If you have any other questions, please let us know at Happy selling!

If you have any other qe

answered 2 months ago

Not sure if this is the issue or not. Back in 2017, Paypal made some changes and it had to do with that you were required a BUSINESS Paypal account for some kind of linking. AGAIN, not sure if this is your issue but Paypal sent me the following instructions back in 2017. That was a long time ago so it may have changed. Paypal has redesigned their pages since then. If this is not the issue, I am sure somebody here will have additional suggestions or contact SUPPORT at Bonz.

The instructions Paypal sent me was….

Log into your Paypal account
Click in the upper right hand corner and choose Profile and settings.
Choose my selling tools
Choose Instant payment notifications Update/edit along the right side
Choose to edit the settings

Change the url from to

Save the change.

Best of luck here.

answered 2 months ago

Might be Paypal has changed its terms and conditions for now. Better check it out whether they are aligned with bonanza terms.
Yours, wefbee (

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wonderful post

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wonderful post

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