Is there a recently sold list?

Hi, my last question was closed and deleted but I have another question.
Is there a place on Bonanza that shows the most recent items sold? I thought there was a few years back but I might be mistaken. I just wanted to see what kind of items are selling as it could be helpful as to what to list.

asked 2 months ago

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Hi there. I see no one has responded. I don’t think there is an ‘items sold’ place to follow. If no one comes along with a definitive answer, contact

Have you checked the HELP files?

answered 2 months ago


I am also wondering the same thing. That information is very valuable to us sellers. If anyone knows please post.

answered 2 months ago


Nothing that I know of here but I dont have a paid membership so perhaps there may be something available if you pay up. Seems there are perks to membership (that I dont know about) like not getting charged a fee to print labels on Bonz (instead of Paypal) and also being able to accept stripe. Membership may have other perks but many here just advertise at the 9 pct to get stuff into google. I dont make enough sales here to justify paying for anything.

answered 2 months ago

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