Is a bonanza membership worth the money?

Just curious if this is worth the money?

asked about 2 months ago


ClarksPlantsAtWork August 09, 2020

Lol I paid $70 and only have 2 views. Definitely no sales. I have emailed for help but NO answer but she has time to blog? I’m curious if anyone has had a sale or is this just like letgo….a scam to get your money. It sure feels that way. Btw turbo sales has done nothing

KarensCollections August 09, 2020

@ClarksPlantsAtWork I totally agree with everything you just said. I’s been way over a year since I’ve made a sale here.

ToysFromAttic August 09, 2020

I wonder why they don’t improve their site so sellers are seen more?

Eliray August 12, 2020

No. It is not worth it.

6 Answers

This is an official Bonanza response.

Hello ToysFromAttic

Welcome to the Bonanza Community!

In the past several months we have been on a mission and are making many changes.
Recently we have created a Seller Advisory Group made up of a diverse group of sellers from the Bonanza Platform. We are using their experience and insight plus the feedback that we received from a survey that we sent out a while back.

You are not required to have a membership in order to sell on Bonanza, however the memberships offer a variety of premium tools and resources that can help sellers drive traffic to their booth and keep shoppers browsing their goods.

Here is a Blog from Greg, our Vice President concerning the direction of Bonanza for the remainder of the year.

Rest assured that we are working on many more great things and have a lot more up our sleeve! We expected 2020 to be a year of establishing our core foundation to build long-term successes. We feel that we are well-positioned to reclaim our position as the best e-commerce marketplace as defined by you – our sellers.

As always, it is our pleasure to assist you. If you need additional support please email our support team and we will be glad to assist you further.

Thank you and Happy Selling!
Kind Regards
Bonanza Support Team

answered about 2 months ago

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ToysFromAttic August 12, 2020

Thank you bonanzawanda. That is good information.

Bonanza refuses to spend any money on advertising and everyone I talk to say “WHAT IS BONANZA” they never heard of it. That is why you have no sales and maybe never will. Darn shame they won’t advertise.. hard to figure out why!

answered about 2 months ago

Bonanza is a super great selling site. Ad-free and streamlined for easy buying and selling. No listing fees and low final value fees. Bonanza isn’t much to look at, but I do get several thousands of $ worth of orders.

answered about 2 months ago

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For some, Maybe but get your items established and up and loade first and advertise at least 9 pct to get it into google and see how it goes otherwise with no sales, fees may eat you alive.

answered about 2 months ago

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ToysFromAttic August 08, 2020

Thanks, I did have 2 sales but it’s very slow here.

No. Sales here are very few and far between. Memberships do not help.I’ve seen too many members on here say they canceled them because it didn’t help at all.

answered about 2 months ago


ToysFromAttic August 08, 2020

Thanks, that is what I was afraid of. The only thing I like here so far is you do not have to pay to list.

KarensCollections August 08, 2020

There are other sites that don’t charge to list and take less fees. I’m selling really well on one of them. I haven’t made a sale here in well over a year or more.

ToysFromAttic August 08, 2020

May I ask what site that would be?

Gooey_Ghost August 08, 2020

I would also love to know what these sites are. Can you share please? I love Bonanza’s customer service, but I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to get sales – constantly uploading new products, editing old listings, increasing advertising levels, offering various discounts, and still NOTHING.

KarensCollections August 09, 2020

Mercari. When I post a new item I share it on Twitter and Pinterest and that’s it. It’s free to post too.

KarensCollections August 09, 2020

Also, they only charge a 10% fee when you sell an item.

ToysFromAttic August 09, 2020

Thanks KarensCollections. I did hear about Mercari before. I will have to give it a try sometime.

Gooey_Ghost August 09, 2020

Thanks! I’ll definitely try it.

KarensCollections August 09, 2020

It’s a much better selling platform. I’ve moved just about all my items there.

pendragons_books August 10, 2020

I have started using Mercari some and had a good number of sales there. It has it’s share of problems, no batch upload, little or no support but I like it and they do advertise the site. I think Bonanza is a better site overall just need to advertise.

iGifterz August 11, 2020

The reviews, even the most recent ones, on that other site are horrible for both buyers and sellers. What problems have you found there? Better yet, is more of your inventory appearing on Google Shopping?

KarensCollections August 12, 2020

@iGifterz I haven’t ran into any problems with them. Yes, my items show on Google Shopping because I title my pics before posting.

Worth the money?
I haven’t spent any extra money here… and the FVF is lower than at EB. I have no complaints about the cost to sell here. ALSO… you can earn daily bonus points that can be credited to your next bill. Each day you sign in, go to Account first and scroll down to Bonus to claim 10 points per day. They add up.

answered about 2 months ago

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ToysFromAttic August 09, 2020

Thanks for the tip on points. I had no idea.

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