Is bonanza better than ebay?

I have been a seller on EBay for 20 years on and off. Lately between the fees and buyer favoritisms, I am looking for a new option. Would like to hear from any other former Ebayers. Thank you!

asked about 1 month ago

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I’m semi-new here as well. I’ve been selling on eBay for quite some time, and I’ve been on here for 9 months to a year. What they say is true. eBay is where you will get your sales, here I get MAYBE one a month but on eBay I get 50 + a month. And their notifications stink here. If I dont check in here daily I will miss a sale, cause I get no email or notification that I have a sale. I keep hoping that it will just take time to build my reputation, but when I started on eBay, at the 9 month mark I was selling consistently, so I don’t know. I do keep stuff listed here on the off-chance that it may improve though…..

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Stoneponies July 06, 2020

I’m surprised that you don’t get emails when you get a sale. I always get emails after a sale. Maybe something is wrong with you notification settings, you should contact customer service to find out how to fix the problem

On here you have to self promote your booth buy facebook, twitter,etc. And set your advertising rate at 9% at least.
I sell on ebay and some days I have sales on ebay and other days I will have several sales here at one of my booths.

answered about 1 month ago

I’ve been selling on ebay (20+ years now) & here on Bonanza (about 3 years) as well. My sales here are MAYBE one a month~~if that. If you are just dabbling in selling it might work for you but if you want to actually make any money ebay is the place to sell. In a good month I can sell 50+ on ebay compared to MAYBE the one sale here a month. I haven’t opted into the managed payments on ebay yet but when the time comes I will do it as that’s the place to make money if you are a serious seller & actually want to make a business out of it. Don’t rely on Bonanza for anything but pocket change.

answered about 1 month ago

Use Bonanza as an additional sales venue. It won’t replace eBay. They do not advertise. More often than not, you’ll pay more in fees here (at least 13% and money processing fee to PayPal or Stripe) in order to get sales. The membership options are disappointing, for us they provided no return on investment despite their marketing hype.

As of April Google no longer charges listing fees for Shopping, which was a huge component of their fees – so they said – so Bonanza is making a lot more money per sale that maybe they can re-invest into actual advertising. They seem to have gotten more proactive about building the business in the past few months, so, we’ll see…

answered about 1 month ago

I am not getting rich selling here BUT then again, I only advertise at the 9 pct and I dont use social media so I dont get any sort of boost from that here. I also dont buy the subscriptions here as the fees from that would eat me alive with the little sales I get here. That being said, some people do seem to do well here, I guess it depends on what you sell.
Things that dont seem to sell for me on Ebay eventually will sell on here with enough time but it is not a barn-burner here for me. Hoping it will get better here once ebay self-destructs from forcing their Managed Payments.
Bonz is a much FRIENDLIER place to sell than Ebay, hands down and if you dont buy a subscription, it costs nothing to list until it sells and you pick the advertising percentage and choice of payment option.

answered about 1 month ago

Most people have their opinions about Ebay. I used to be a PS. I had a five figure a month income and walked away. I will never buy or sell on Ebay again.

answered about 1 month ago

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Do not sell, will not sell on ebay..maybe slower, but is less expensive and less headache.

I actually do better on my independent site (though as with here it will take time to build)…perhaps with google now going back to free google shopping things might pick up again…did quite well before google shopping started charging a while back

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I list everything on Ebay first and eventually it filters down to Bonanza… where an item can stay forever, which is a huge advantage if you sell individual collectibles and toys like I do. I love that items can stay here and do sell once the interested buyer finds what they’re looking for. Well worth the time to check in, edit listings, and manage your booth here because it’s going to pay off. I only do the 9% and haven’t signed up for anything else. I have seen my items included in Google searches, so I know things will be sent there by Ebay or Bonanza… but the exposure is iffy. Definitely come here and settle in. It won’t cost you anything extra unless you sell. Tip: When you sell an item on Ebay come here and remove it manually or you could get multiple sales on the same item. Also the shipping calculator here isn’t always accurate. Be sure your listings here show enough for shipping on heavier items.

answered about 1 month ago

Don’t expect a lot of sales here, it’s really slow and unadvertised. Most people don’t know about Bonanza due to their lack of advertising. You have to promote your items yourself on ALL your social media sites just to get traffic. Traffic does not guarantee sales, though. Most people will buy from other sites, ie – eBay – Etsy – Poshmark – Mercari – Amazon
You will not make a living wage here.

answered about 1 month ago

If you have ebay listing then a bonanza webstore is an easy way to have your own URL fully functioning online store by importing your ebay items to a bonanza booth then the listings automatically show in your webstore. You will have to promote your webstore yourself. Otherwise sales are very very slow in just a booth.

answered about 1 month ago

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You do not have to limit yourself to one marketplace. If you have multiple items to sell you can rotate them around several shops until they sell.

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