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I had someone order some Siemens breakers from my Bonanza booth and when I tried to create the shipping label in PayPal I get the message that the label cannot be created because the address is incorrect. The street number is not included in either the Bonanza or PayPal shipping address. I have messaged the customer multiple times and only received one reply saying the address is correct. I know they cannot be the only person living on that street in Louisiana. How long should I wait before making a refund. I have always shipped either the same day of the sale or the next business day and do not want to ruin my quick shipping reputation. I am pretty sure they want the breakers and I am very sure I need the sale.

asked about 1 month ago


Atomicdiner January 23, 2021

I would be wary of this sale. Tell them you can only ship to valid Paypal addresses and the one on file, paypal is telling you is NOT Valid. Set a time limit (short like specific day) to fix or cancel and refund otherwise Good Luck

abigdogmom January 23, 2021

You are thinking along my lines. Both usps and paypal say the address is undeliverable. I will refund.

cr319a January 29, 2021

I had a similar situation. Customer has an “undeliverable” address on a $100 order. I have messaged them numerous times with no response. I will cancel/refund. Validate address at registration or order point? Require a phone#? Might help.

zappys_closet February 03, 2021

Try the PayPal account address, I have shipped like this with no probs

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answered about 1 month ago

The safety stopgaps are there for you, the seller. If both USPS and PayPal say not to ship, that the address isn’t correct… I’d kinda take their word for it. Especially if the buyer has nothing more or better to offer.

If you have the time, look up the address on Google (map) and see what it looks like! This can sometimes be revealing, although probably not a solution to anything more than your curiosity. :)

answered about 1 month ago

If you still want to ship to that address, even though the USPS checker says it is incorrect (since the customer has confirmed it), you could do one of 2 things: (a) just add a street number to the shipping address before printing the label (if it’s the only house on that “street” then a number shouldn’t make a difference), or (b) use PirateShip to create your label (it’s free) – it will warn you that the address is incorrect, but won’t stop you from printing your label. You can then manually enter the tracking number into Bonanza and Paypal.

answered about 1 month ago

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abigdogmom January 23, 2021

Both PayPal and USPS say the address is not deliverable. I think I will send one more message to her saying I will refund her money.

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