Ideas on how to promote vintage items?

I only have had 3 sales in the 2 months


asked 23 days ago

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I do very little promoting and it was a long while back, so cannot help with that really.

But something I noticed for about 5 listings that I looked at is that the description of the condition for the items is vague. I am a real stickler when I shop. I want as close to clear on the condition of an item as I can get in order to buy.

Other than that, your booth looks really nice.


answered 23 days ago


I am just now building my shop that has tons of vintage.

I just built a Hand Picked list with just Vintage items on it. Maybe if enough comment on it or any/all of the hand picked lists the Search Engines may pick this up.

I am watching very nice Vintage being added here.

Not sure if I can put the link to the hand picked list but they are easy to find under Account above?

answered 23 days ago


3 sales in 2 months is actually pretty good for Bonanza lol. What fee percentage are you set to? Have you bought some Turbo Traffic?
Looking at your listings your photos are photo shopped. That’s a put off for vintage items.
Your Barbie hair extensions you say the packaging as wear but then say it’s mint. And you only have 1 photo for the listing. Looks like lots of listings only have 1 photo

answered 23 days ago


Mooncat_Antiques June 26, 2019

I am not sure what you mean by “photoshopped”. I take pictures and I do clean up the backgrounds as I dont like messy backgrounds. Point taken on the hair extensions. I should have clarified that the pckg has some edgewear but the extensions have never been removed.

Atomicdiner June 26, 2019

You never answered Canadian’s questions (Fee Percentage and Turbo). I was going to say 3 sales in 2 months is GREAT (for here) and ask what is YOUR secret???

CanadianGraphiti June 26, 2019

“cleaned up” is photo shopped. As a buyer I would question is edges have been cropped or smoothed ot any other blemishes have been touched up. there’s no reason to make photos of vintage items look like stock photos


Your model kits, you only have one picture of the box lid. Collectors of kits want to see all sides of the box, also they want to know if it is still “factory wrapped/sealed” if there is any tears, holes in the plastic. If the kit has been opened, they want to see the parts and instruction sheet, to see if the parts are still in sealed bags.Model kit collectors are very picky about this.

answered 22 days ago

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Mooncat_Antiques June 26, 2019

Good point. I dont have very many model kits up yet – the ones I do have most still have the cellophane on them. The others I will flesh out. Thanks

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