I imported my items from ebay last week. had a sale here at bonanza and funds are not in my account.

I’ve been on Bonanza 3 years. I’ve just imported my items from eBay to Bonanza last week. Just had a sale here on Bonanza (haven’t had a sale since 2019) and the sale was a PayPal sale and was complete except the funds are not in my account. Bonanza verified the sale as well as PayPal, but no funds in account. ***Could it be that my email address on Bonanza is different from my eBay address. Should I change my Bonanza email to match my eBay address? I was getting all my sales on eBay. I was not getting sales on Bonanza. PayPal sent me an email on the Bonanza email address that I had a completed sale, but no funds in account. however, I’m wondering if it’s because my PayPal address is the same as ebays. Maybe I should change email on Bonanza to match everything?

asked about 1 month ago

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You can use the same email address with PayPal and receive money from eBay and/or Bonanza. Have you checked your Bonanza settings (where you enter your email address to receive money on your PP account) to make sure that you entered the correct email address?

Check here >> https://www.bonanza.com/booths/TheVintageChateau/edit_payment

Don’t worry… only YOU can see the settings on that page.

answered about 1 month ago

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TheVintageChateau September 24, 2020

Should I change it to my PayPal and eBay address?

TheVintageChateau September 24, 2020

I clicked on “Change Account” and my PayPal address automatically appeared. Thank You! Now I have to tell the buyer to cancel and repurchase?

TheVintageChateau September 24, 2020

Not sure what to tell her, as I never received any money in my account. If she cancels the sale, she should check on her end where the money went?

KazooDecor September 25, 2020

You may be able to add the Bonanza email (the one that she paid you on) as a secondary email on your Paypal account. That way, the money should show up. I have a business Paypal account, so I don’t know if that option is available for all accounts.

KazooDecor September 25, 2020

But when you’re in Paypal, put your mouse over your name in the top right & then click on Account Settings. There is a section for “Account Owner Settings” which has all the email addresses used on the account. You can add additional emails there.

TheVintageChateau September 25, 2020

I tried to add the address the buyer paid on, it states “We’re sorry, that email address is linked to another account. I’ve had a sale on Bonanza in early 2019 and everything went find, so not understanding. I will tell the buyer to cancel and repurchase.

TheVintageChateau wrote: I tried to add the address the buyer paid on, it states “We’re sorry, that email address is linked to another account. I’ve had a sale on Bonanza in early 2019 and everything went find, so not understanding. I will tell the buyer to cancel and repurchase.

The reason for this situation may be different, so only PayPal representative will be able to help You to solve it, but this probably could be the explanation of this case:

from Your words we can assume that either You entered a wrong e-mail address (one different character, one dot or space is enough to make it wrong) and it happened to be a valid PP account of somebody else (if it’s a case, don’t worry, the money doesn’t disappear in the system, PP will “find” it).

I tried to add the address the buyer paid on

If a transaction occurred on Bonanza, automatically Your PP account (e-mail), added here by You, would be used, so there would be no need to do this. Therefore the question is, was it Your address or not?

Now, You say Bonanza and PP verified a sale – how did it happen? Have You received confirmations straight from them or the buyer send You some ‘invoices’ or screenshots?
Check it well…

Should I change it to my PayPal and eBay address

Maybe in the future, to avoid mistakes, keep one e-mail address for Your PayPal account (this way You will be sure that payments from all Your venues will shown instantly in one place) and for Your marketplaces e-mail addresses (assuming that You have one shop on each) just make up Your mind, decide, what You prefer: to have all orders confirmations coming to the same address or You want to have a separate e-mail for eBay, Bonanza, etc.

I will tell the buyer to cancel and repurchase.

Buyers can’t cancel sales, only sellers can do it.
A buyer, though, can request a cancellation.


Hope You solve it soon!


OP: Since I have one email address now, I will just eat the lost

If it has been a legit transaction and a buyer has paid using Your PayPal e-mail (provided by You in Your booth at the payment time), You don’t need to “eat the lost”.

Try again, what PayPal moderator suggested here in this post “Payment were made to an old email address. Can’t see payments on my account.” (scroll down to the replies):


If for some reason You are unable to add that e-mail address by Yourself and claim this particular payment, just contact PP and they will trace the unique payment number and finally the amount will be available in Your PP account:


Good luck!

answered about 1 month ago


TheVintageChateau September 25, 2020

Thank you so much for the information! I changed the Bonanza email to the same one I use for eBay. I didn’t want to do that, but when I went into my PayPal account it would not let me use the Bonanza one again

TheVintageChateau September 25, 2020

I had already changed it in my Bonanza settings to the eBay email BEFORE went to PayPal site. Maybe the “linked to another account” was mine? Anyway, it wasn’t an expensive item, so I will ship it tomorrow and add the shipping information. Since I have one email address now, I will just eat the lost

TheVintageChateau September 25, 2020

because I don’t want to go through a cancellation.

TheVintageChateau September 25, 2020

I really did want to keep them separate, however, I won’t be on eBay for long, so it works out.

ArtistsUnion September 26, 2020

Please, read my answer added in my previous post. These comment windows are very small, limited only to 300 characters:(

TheVintageChateau September 26, 2020

ArtistsUnion, I only have 1 PayPal address. For some reason my Bonanza email ended up on the PayPal address icon card in settings. I clicked the “change address” and my PayPal address popped up. It’s there now.

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