I cannot enter the webstore broadcaster page

There are two problems with my shop.
1. I cannot enter the webstore broadcaster page, every time I click on it, the following error “Whoops. There was an error.
There was an error processing your request. We have been notified and will take a look shortly. For immediate assistance, please contact our support team and provide error code 2061b1a6-6242-4835-a3c8-b3bc5b1b85c7.”
2. New products cannot be synchronized to the webstore google shopping feed.

I have passed bonanza support, but still no reply to me.

asked about 1 month ago

3 Answers

This is an official Bonanza response.

Good Day,

Tech has been notified and they are looking into the issue. Please email support for more information

answered about 1 month ago

Have you purchased the $25/month Webstore option? That’s different than the FREE booth that Bonanza gives you?

answered about 1 month ago

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See tomwayne1's booth


jennydesign October 24, 2020

Yes, I have

tomwayne1 October 24, 2020

@jennydesign… are you also cozirabbit?

Maybe you need to hire a professional team that can make a website? So everything depends on your needs, background, and other dependencies. Like what are you building the site for, and are all the components you need in one library or the other. My best advice to go to the website https://gbksoft.com/blog/why-building-websites-in-wordpress-in-a-bad-idea/ and find more information.

answered 15 days ago

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