How would I remove PayPal as a payment option?

Now that Stripe is a payment option, is there a way to disconnect PayPal? I’d really prefer to have Stripe only.

asked about 2 months ago


ClarksPlantsAtWork August 09, 2020

Beware Stripe is full of hackers! This is the worst payment company. Please look it up on the web. They are full of hackers ordering with stolen credit cards. When you send the item off, you will get a charge back from the real card holder. Leaving you owing for the product sent. Dont use!

Atomicdiner August 09, 2020

As much as I dont like Paypal pplicys as of late, They are a necessary evil Much like Google here. Stripe may work for some but will ALL the bad press I researched about Stripe, It is NOT for me eitherAND neither is EB Managed Payments.

gearseller2 August 12, 2020

Clearly states that in order to have Stripe you MUST also have Paypal

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According to Bonanza Help pages, PayPal is required for all sellers. Stripe is optional.

answered about 2 months ago

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PayPal is very popular. I would never consider eliminating it as a payment option for buyers.

answered about 2 months ago

Well I am grateful for having Stripe as an additional option, but would seriously consider an annual investment in a plan at a higher level with the option of removing PayPal entirely.

answered about 2 months ago

I have had no issues with either PP (since around 2009) or stripe.

But then I also have not sold on ebay since 2009 where most sellers seem to have problems with PayPal….
However, a few more options would be nice..(I also have the legacy Amazon Pay.. for non sellers on amazon…but they are stingy with payouts)

Stripe has been very helpful answering any questions I have had..

answered about 2 months ago

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