How to sell?

Hello all,

Having posted products on bonanza for several weeks and found that there’s no one views them. I’d like to know how to sell on bonanza or do I need to change place to others?

Thank you.

asked about 1 month ago

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In addition to what abigdogmom said, here is some other things you could work on or fix:

1. Offer more items. You really only have two (2) different items (wood rose in different colors and a scarf). There’s not a lot to attract buyers.
2. Improve your titles so that keywords can be found in Google searches.
3. Fix the shipping costs. Both wood roses indicate calculated shipping, but when I checked the cost the site said that shipping to my location could not be determined. There was no problem with shipping on the scarf.

Good luck.

answered about 1 month ago

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MikeoHsieh January 23, 2020

Thank you for your useful suggestion and will correct the mistake right now.

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Hello MikeoHsieh

Welcome to the Bonanza Community!!

If you need additional support please email our support team and they will be glad to assist you further.

Thank you and Happy Selling!
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answered about 1 month ago

To get your items seen by potential customers, you need to set your final value fee to 9% for google, add items to your booth on a regular basis, and do shameless self promotion on social media. If you have feedback from others sites, import it into bonanza to help build buyer trust in what you have to offer. Take very good pictures and have detailed descriptions. The good thing about Bonanza is they do not tell you how to run your booth. The downside is they are not as well known as some of the other platforms which makes it necessary for the seller to work harder. There are many experienced sellers on Bonanza that have great tips to help with sales and I am sure you will find this forum to be very helpful when you have questions.

answered about 1 month ago


SparklesJewelry January 22, 2020

jaziesshop, you need to make a new post to ask this question, not put it on someone else’s question.

MikeoHsieh January 23, 2020

Thank you for your useful suggestion

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