How long to see results?

Hi all, just wondering if anyone can give me a rough time idea of how long it takes to start seeing views etc, I’ve added products etc and following the checklist and got the settings so its advertising on google, bonaza and bing.

asked 2 months ago


Atomicdiner July 26, 2021

Know that Summer is a slower time to sell and since you only have 3 items showing, you do not have a lot of varied selection. Good Luck

ccmom July 28, 2021

Few items..if have twitter, FB business page, pinterest, etc…post links to the items…I have over to 9000 views this month but little in way of sales, either here or on my webstore

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answered about 2 months ago

For me, I only made sales when the same items I had up on ebay were no longer up because the free insertion fee promos went away for a while, and then only if the item I had was the only one available online anywhere, and then bonanza would get a brand new buyer for one transaction, and then that buyer would leave and never come back. Because that’s what this place is. A repository for stuff that it’s too expensive to sell elsewhere, because it’s either not worth the listing fees or we’re asking too much for it, but you’re probably not asking too much for it because the same thing sells on ebay because that’s where the buyers are and this place is not very good at generating traffic. So then you don’t really have a reason to log on and then bonanza puts your store on vacation without telling you.

answered about 1 month ago

I have stuff on ebay that sells. Have not had ANY sales on Bom nan za for a long time.
My prices are competitive. Very LOW views on this site but there are other problems, can viewers actually place an order???

answered about 1 month ago

Have you advertised your items on social media? That’s going to be about the only way you will get views.

answered about 2 months ago

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