How does a seller charge different rates for shipments to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico?

A main supplier charges substantially more to ship directly to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico than it does to the Contiguous United States. The only options available on the product pages, however, are “Shipping to the US” and “Shipping Internationally.” The products will be far less competitive if their prices are raised to cover the difference. Likewise, every sale to those regions will result in a significant loss. How might I charge customers in those regions more for shipping without adjusting the shipping prices to all?

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ccmom February 28, 2021

as of now…there is no option under flat rate. If you use calcuated shipping than the cost would be calcuated according to location

TrulyATL March 02, 2021

That’s really unfortunate. These products were imported in from eBay where the shipping was properly configured. I’ll make a decision if something sells with the wrong shipping charges.

downrightspecialkids March 05, 2021

I agree. Why not jus use calculated shipping? Then people closer pay less, and people further pay more.

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USPS First Class Mail (FCM) is the same price no matter where you ship in the 50 states, Puerto Rico, and any other USA “properties”. So, if you use services like UPS, FEDEX, or USPS Priority Mail (unless using flat-rate)l, then the shipping cost is dependent on the distance that you ship the item. On those heavier items that won’t ship FCM, then you may not want to state free shipping, but use calculated shipping options instead. Of course, you need to determine what the weight of the finished package is going to be before listing the item. Or, you can just set a flat rate shipping cost that will average out the cost of shipping to buyers close by and buyers who are far away.

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answered about 1 month ago


downrightspecialkids March 05, 2021

This is not true. First class mail went to charging by region over a year ago.

TrulyATL March 17, 2021

The supplier of these products charges a flat fee for shipments to Alaska and Puerto Rico that is different from that for deliveries within the contiguous United States. Other platforms have a way to charge differently for shipments to those areas. Regardless, I’m good for now. Thanks.

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