How do you get a refund on seller fees?

I recently sold an item & the buyer did a chargeback on his credit card through pay pal. Pay Pal fought it for me but the card company sided with the buyer so he got the item, got his $$ back & I was left with no $$, no item and out of pocket the original shipping. I filed for a return of my fees from Bonanza but they also ruled in the buyers favor saying I had no proof the buyer had been refunded. I sent them the message I got from pay pal saying the card co. had ruled in favor of the buyer so I wouldn’t get my money back. NOW all I get from Bonanza is a message saying they didn’t receive my message YET included my message in the email they sent me. They said if the message was meant for another Bonanza member to send it to them. I’ve contacted them 3 times and just keep getting that same message over & over. The fees aren’t that much but it sure tells me that Bonanza cares more about holding onto those few dollars than they care about their sellers. I’m just glad I don’t sell much here~~my sales are on ebay where they at least offer seller protection~~unlike Bonanza who couldn’t care less.

asked about 2 months ago

3 Answers

Click on SELLING tab, top left corner.

All your sales should be there. Find the section for that item and within that will be the link to receive a refund of your fees paid.

Sorry that happened to you. Better luck going forward.

answered about 2 months ago


ccmom June 12, 2021

and a screen shot of any messages you have from PayPal….

kattinsanity June 12, 2021

I did use the link~~Received the answer that I wouldn’t get a refund because I didn’t have proof the buyer had been refunded. I forwarded the whole paypal email to Support @ Bonanza. That’s when I get the answer that they didn’t receive my emails & to send my emails to members.

I think you should have a refund transaction number on the PayPal site that you copy and paste in the Boananza refund link. That transaction number is proof the refund was sent.

answered about 2 months ago

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