How do i find the decorations category?

I would like to list some vintage Beistle Halloween cutouts, and I found that sellers are listing in a Decorations category. But, I can’t find a Decorations category. All I find is Decorative Arts under the Antiques category, and Decorative Collectibles under the Collectibles category.

asked 2 months ago

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procreateapp July 21, 2021

organization similar gadgets collectively both with the aid of type or finish. for instance, you may organization together books, vases, linens, and artwork or group together glass, metallic, timber, wicker, and fabric. through having your decor somewhat prepared into organizations, it will likely b

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Hello fallonthalia

Welcome to the Bonanza Community Help Page!

We did a quick search for similar items and see that some sellers are using this category or a similar category.

Collectibles > Holiday & Seasonal > Halloween > Modern (1960-1990) > Decorations

We hope this information will help.

It is our pleasure to assist you, please do not hesitate to reach out to us if we can be of further assistance.

You can contact us at [email protected]

Thank you and Happy Selling!

Kind Regards
Wanda T.
Happiness Producer
Bonanza Support Team

answered 2 months ago

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fallonthalia July 21, 2021

Thank you! That was very nice of Wanda of Bonanza Support to answer this.

Home & Garden >> Greeting Cards & Party Supply >> Party Supplies >> Party Decorations

Home & Garden >> Kitchen, Dining & Bar >> Baking Accs. & Cake Decorating >> Decorations & Cake Toppers

Home & Garden >> Holiday & Seasonal Décor..(there are several decor/decorations subcategories…depending on what you are looking for)

Home & Garden >> Home Décor …also (there are several decor/decorations subcategories…depending on what you are looking for)

Collectibles >> Holiday & Seasonal >> Halloween >> Current (1991-Now) >> Decorations

Home & Garden >> Holiday & Seasonal Decor >> Christmas & Winter >> Window Decorations

Home & Garden > Wedding Supplies > Venue Decorations

If none of those work there is also

Crafts also has variations of decorating supplies for making things

Search through all categories

They could also be using custom categories in their booths

answered 2 months ago

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See ccmom's booth

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ArtistsUnion July 22, 2021

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