How do i make sure shipping prices calculate by weight

I was shopping in someone’s booth and went to check out only to find the settings were ‘per item’ instead of combining weight.
So I want to make sure MY booth is set to calculate the weight and charge by overall weight.
Can someone tell me the step-by-step how to do this. I couldn’t figure it out when I tried to do it myself.
P.S. I did notify the seller of the booth to see if she could give me a combined shipping rate.
Thank you everyone.

asked about 2 months ago

5 Answers

Step by step

Selling Dashboard
Edit Booth Settings
Discounts and Coupons

Combined Item Discount this is to offer a discount off the subtotal off of the purchase if it is greater than a certain amount (mine is set for $100.00 since I rarely have high cost items)

Combined Shipping Discounts

1. Orders totaling at least $ 150 will receive free shipping.

Here you are given the option to set up Free shipping on orders greater that a certain total (mine is set for $150)

2. Calculated shipping: Combine the weight of items from the same order together when determining shipping costs for items with calculated shipping.

Check the box if you would like calc shipping weights totaled for calculating shipping

3. Flat Rate Shipping: Offer a discount for each item after the first when calculating shipping costs for items with flat rate shipping.

Check the box to have a shipping discount on flat rate shipping items…
Options are
Per Item- add or subtract $x amount
or add/subract a percentage %

This is what mine looks like

answered about 2 months ago

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See ccmom's booth

answered about 2 months ago

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See tomwayne1's booth


QuakerMaid November 23, 2020

That helped not at all. I asked for a step-by-step. A link help 0 when I state “I don’t understand how to do it”. I think that description of how to set up calculated shipping is outdated. I can’t find a checkbox that’s exactly like the one in the instructions, so I don’t know if I did it right.

ccmom November 23, 2020

the location is under Booth Settings..Shipping and returns (this where shipping discounts/combined shippine, etc is set up). Link for your booth is

ccmom November 23, 2020

Sorry I meant Booth Settings: Discounts and Coupons

Perhaps the CSD works for some here but my products are so varied as far as weight and size and Media rate vs other classes by Distance, it does not work for me. I just ask the buyer to either ASK (and wait for a reply) but I must know what they want to combine overall AND THEIR SHIP ZIP CODE and WAIT for me to answer them so not immediate. Or just buy it as it is and IF I can squeeze the shipping nickel till the indian rides the buffalo, I will just refund back the overage from ship costs and fees back to their paypal account and be done with it. Yes a trust me but I do try to give buyers the best value for their shipping dollar I can and at times can actually save them a bunch if I do it manually but it is getting harder and harder to squeeze savings out of USPS rates with every yearly rate increase by them. Again, you can always ask but please dont waste my time with frivolous combinations of items you really want and not take them because you thought shipping would be cheaper than it is. BOX SIZE does matter if items go over 1 cubic foot using USPS. Then the prices to ship just get obscene. Many buyers are so accustomed to FREE SHIPPING but dont realize that the costs are either paid thru a subscription (Prime as an example) or they never shipped anything lately to see how expensive it truly is now. Its not as easy a putting a stamp on a letter.

answered about 2 months ago


QuakerMaid November 23, 2020

I heard back from the seller. Apparently there’s a glitch in the Bozo system. I gave them my ZIP code so, hopefully soon, they will be sending me an invoice (though I don’t know if that could be done on this site. I don’t recall ever doing it myself). I’m hoping the glitch isn’t affecting my sales

ccmom November 23, 2020

Yes the seller can send you an should show up on your offers. The location to send invoices is Selling Dashboard…Orders…Create Invoice

I was looking for the same info, tried doing the same but it didn’t worked. Thanks for spreading the knowledge

answered about 2 months ago

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USPS offers unique limits for the individuals who utilize this select assistance. Moreover, albeit booked transporter pickups are free, there might be extra expenses for extraordinary administrations like on-request pickup.

answered about 2 months ago

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