Hide my wish list?

I sometimes want to put items on a Wish list but do not want it seen by others for various reasons.
Possibly a gift or possibly one of a kind I do not want anyone else to get first etc. ..

Is there a way to hide our Wish lists?

Thanks. Sandy

asked 23 days ago

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The purpose of the Wish List is to place items there that other sellers might purchase as a gift FOR YOU. It started when Bonanza forums were different and lots of Bonanza sellers created strong friendships (I’m sure there are still many in place) while being able to discuss a wide variety of topics. So, sellers used to “hope” that other sellers would purchase a gift for them. Hence, the “Wish List” was created.

If you place something into your Wish List, perhaps a friend or relative will see it and buy it for you. I prefer to think of it as a “Friendship Registry”.

answered 22 days ago

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GracefulVintageNow November 20, 2019

Thank you. Glad to know. Will have to figure out a way to save items I want to come back to.


ONe thing I used to do was make a HPL (called it my wishes or something like that)..don’t complete it or publish it and then put some items that I wanted to check out later…the list remains and you can always go back to it..

answered 22 days ago

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