Hi, just had a sale this morning and the funds are not in my paypal account. that has never happened before. the buyer is within the united states and transaction is complete. not sure what to do. as a senior citizen, i know i have to stay calm before my

Bonanza has the sale as “complete.”

asked about 1 month ago


EmpressDepot September 24, 2020

Let us know what happens please. There’s always something new to learn.

TheVintageChateau September 26, 2020

EmpressDepot, it’s an email/address issue. The information is on this post and another separate one.

TheVintageChateau September 26, 2020

EmpressDepot, I found out today that the reason why the buyers funds are not in my account, is because I didn’t reactivate my PayPal to fill out the business information. I did not see that which was on the Payment Setting page. I filled out the information and now I can receive payments. The form

TheVintageChateau September 26, 2020

seemed to think I was new, so the money is still not in my account. I sent the item to the buyer anyway, as it was not her fault. I just lost $20.00 so I’m grateful it was not an expensive item. I haven’t sold anything on Bonanza in almost 2 years.

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Check to see what other payment options you have set up. Perhaps it didn’t come through PP.

answered about 1 month ago

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TheVintageChateau September 24, 2020

I only have PayPal set up. The Bonanza sale “payment type” was paid thru PayPal.

Sometimes it will say “Sale Complete” but if you look at the top it will say “Awaiting Checkout”, which means they have not yet paid.

answered about 1 month ago

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TheVintageChateau September 24, 2020

No, it states “payment complete” This has never happened before. It has her PayPal order # and an email of completed sale. There’s an email from PayPal stated the cash amount received. However, no money from her in my account.

I think it might be that you’re using a different email address for Bonanza and for Paypal? If you go into Paypal, and add the email address that you use for Bonanza into the “account settings” section, then you should be able to see your money.

answered about 1 month ago


TheVintageChateau September 25, 2020

Yes, I went in Bonanza setting and changed the PayPal address . If I go on the PayPal site and see the money in the other account, how do I get it to move over into my PayPal balance?

TheVintageChateau September 25, 2020

Should I ask the buyer to cancel and repurchase?

BookbinEtc September 25, 2020

If the money is in one of your PP accounts, I wouldn’t ask her to do anything. Just use it from that account, or send it to your other account. Can you add that email addy to the PP account you want? Or, call PP and ask them how to handle it.

Atomicdiner September 25, 2020

I GOTTA ask the question for the Elephant in the room…. WHY? do you have TWO Paypal addresses???? If you ask them to cancel, remember YOU will PAY a non-refundable fee to Paypal now for doing so.are

TheVintageChateau September 26, 2020

Atomdiner, I never had 2 PayPal address, on Bonanza, my regular email address ended up on the PayPal card (in settings). When I clicked on it to change it, my real PayPal address popped up.

TheVintageChateau September 26, 2020

Hope I’m explaining correctly. Bonanza has a separate email address, so I can view them separately. I don’t know how the Bonanza email address ended up on the PayPal card in settings. My 1 PayPal address should have been on that card, not my bonanza email.

ccmom September 27, 2020

like most have said..add the other email as PP secondary address…the fund should then be available. and if not call PP Customer service to see what you can do

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