Get 4x6" shipping labels?

Has anyone had any luck getting Bonanza to provide the proper size shipping labels for sellers?

As it is they only spit out off centered 8.5″ × 11″ PDFs but we need centered to rescale or the right size 4×6″ PDF.

asked 3 months ago

2 Answers

Never printed a label through Bonanza, so can’t attest to what you say. I use PirateShip to buy and print my labels from; they’re fairly priced, convenient to use and if you ever need to contact them, they’re quick to respond. No need to talk like a pirate to them, unless you want to – if you use them and need to contact them, you’d see what I mean. ;)

The labels from Pirate ship come out nicely, properly sized and the added touch of personalizing the labels with my business name on top and a friendly note on bottom makes them all the better. I do this using Inkscape, overlaying my shipping label template and it only adds a few seconds to the workflow. Yes, did talk to USPS about how I make my labels, it’s a non-issue with them as long as the pertinent info they need isn’t covered with anything you add to dress them up.

answered 3 months ago


Thank_You_Cards September 24, 2023

Sure, we use PirateShip for other platforms as you can import info with a click but Bonanza is behind the times and does not export to PS so we refuse to copy paste all sales. We just want normal 4×6″ labels via this website.

MagnoliaScreens September 24, 2023


If you do not ship a lot you can use ShippingEasy. They have a free tier that you can look into for low shipping numbers. They can pull in Bonanza orders and you can set it up with 4×6 labels for pdf output to print to your label printer.

answered 2 months ago

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