Does bonanza shut down fraudulent sellers?

Long story short.
I ordered something on 3/25(it’s still “in transit”). After exhaustive conversation with bonanza, the seller, amazon pay and the BBB. I got my money back a few weeks ago through amazon.
Bonanza had no interest in helping despite the fact they acknowledge the seller lied multiple times in their sales listing. They have even been shady and refused to response through the BBB and only asked that I speak with them through here and not the BBB.
My issue was resolved by my payment processor, but through it, I spoke to 2 others who were scammed by this seller.
I checked today and since my issue, a half dozen others have left negative feedback for the seller for the exact same issues.

My question is, at what point does Bonanza care enough about their userbase to actually stop an obviously fraudulent seller?
Side note, the seller is MNTrading(
Of their 150 reviews(average of 5*), only 8 are from bonanza, the rest were “imported from another platform”. of those 8, 6 are 1 star with complaints.

Anyone bored enough to research the problem will see that it’s mostly shipping issues, but keep in mind that this person frequently lies about where their items were shipping from. My listing said Virginia, when it was actually China.

Again, when does Bonanza step in?

asked about 1 month ago

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ccmom June 01, 2020

they have closed booths in the past…….for various reasons..Lying about where ships from is not cool and any shipping from China is not going arrive anytime soon..

KAFarm June 02, 2020

Thanks for making the post, it’s a good alert. Sorry for you and anyone that has to deal with lies and attempted theft here.

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