i am not sure about here. anyone having luck here. I been posting all items to linken, twitter and pinerest for days was getting quite a few views no sales . Yesterday I decided to check something did not share any of my items on the above mentioned sites and got zero views both days. I do have my booth on the membership to pay the 13% as said I was missing a million and a half customers but I think their still missing. So basically unless I spend a couple hours everyday posting each item on those sites I get zero views. so what is the 13% to pay on a sale for when no more viewers.

asked 3 months ago


VeronicaBooksAndArt January 05, 2023

A million and a half POTENTIAL customers; ACTUAL customers always approaches zero. Go with the 9% plan. 13% opens an eBay channel. It’s unclear to me why anyone would want that.

HotCornDiggity January 06, 2023

I’m new to Bonanza, having a booth open since mid November. I am doing the 13% broadcasting to ebay. In that short time I’ve had 2 sales here via google shopping and 11 via ebay. So to me it’s worth the higher percentage to move more inventory. Just a small example for you. Good luck!

quiltersandmore January 09, 2023

Thank you everyone. I did go back to 9%. Maybe there is just not a need for quilters on here so it might be that it just is what I sell.

sooboodesigns January 09, 2023

I used to do okay on bonanza, but stopped and was with ArtFire since their inception, but then up and closed on me. Took the plunge into Etsy and sold a bunch! Then, it fell off the face of the earth. I sold only two items the last quarter of 2022! Last qrt, no sales on Bonanza!

EmpressDepot January 15, 2023

I have not heard the name artfire in about 8 years ago. Time flies. I wish I could remember the first site I ever sold on besides eBay. Anyway, someone on the site I cannot remember told me about Bonanza just starting up. Under another user ID, I started selling on Bonanza. Been a long while.

2 Answers

The lack of traffic and low sales volume here is discouraging for many sellers. It would be terrific if Bonanza could step up their advertising game and help drive more traffic here, but for some reason, that doesn’t seem to be their priority.

answered 3 months ago

In my opinion, I’ve always set mine at 9 percent. I would not pay attention to the million and a half people.

Remove the comments from your chat. You never know when someone will pop in and see this. Customers will not know what you mean and it looks a little desparate posting what you did in my honest opinion. If I was a customer I would feel turned off by it.

Use the chat to describe any news in your booth and welcome them to your booth as well…things along those lines. Take advantage of the chat box.

Color or pattern to describe your quilts in the title and description is very important. What will a 40 by 40 fit? Give an idea to your shopper how best to make use of this size. Or maybe also they need to be larger so that they can be made into a bed size….make your item cater to a wider group possibly.

Use keywords such as handmade, patchwork, fabric, material used. Think outside of the box for keywords.

I believe that there are missing attributes that you could be adding to your listings and then Google shopping will group listings under a filter type…like Google shopping will use a keyword such as the word cotton and when in Google shopping and when you click on cotton, a grouping of cotton quilts will pop up. But you’ve got to have your listing right so that Google shopping will place it on their site. Are you getting a notification from Bonanza periodically giving you a list of items that got turned away from Google shopping? If so, start taking a fresh look at what could be wrong.

You want as many pertinent keywords associated with your item as much as possible but just don’t put the keywords in the description. Desbribe it like a story. Google shopping grabs a hold of your description and shoppers will see this when first looking at your listing on Google shopping’s site. Plus Google organic which is likes a story of pertinent information to share.

Google shopping is our number one opportunity on gaining sales in my opinion….so work it to the max.

Here’s how to add an attribute by hand. Like for example, if Bonanza offers a material that you can choose from a drop down, but the item is made using more than one type of material…

1. Go to the very bottom of your listing right under the last sentence.
2. Here are examples of attributes :
[[ material : cotton ]]
[[ material : silk ]]
[[ color : red ]]

NOTE that for the above DO NOT leave any spaces between anything. I had to format it like this for the simple reason that Bonanza thought I was leaving a link and removed it. No spaces between anything…not the color, not the brackets, not between any letters, etc.

3. Then save the listing. Go back into the listing. Go to the bottom of the listing. Look for the attributes that you manually added. If you added them right you will no longer see them there. If you did the format incorrect from what I said, then the attributes you added will still be there and then you need to figure out what you did wrong.

The attributes will help your listing to get into Google shopping in the very first place…so this is very important.

As far has having a UPC, getting your handmade items to show as New for handmade, etc, etc, contact Bonanza or maybe someone on here will offer the info on this part. But this is very important as well to get your listings into Google shopping in the first place.

Once you master the above, it will become like second nature. Good luck. You can do it!!


answered 3 months ago


HotCornDiggity January 06, 2023

Very helpful experienced info EmpD, thanks.

EmpressDepot January 06, 2023

U r very welcome.

quiltersandmore January 09, 2023

will look over listings thank You

EmpressDepot January 10, 2023

Yw. Good luck!!!

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